Review by Veronica

The woman looked up, her gaze fixing on the view outside as she tapped the end of her pen against her chin, and Rhys caught his breath. Stunning. That was the word that came to mind, nothing as bland or ordinary as pretty. Her features were too strong for it, her nose a smooth, straight line, her jaw he’d bet had been described as stubborn. He found himself willing her to look his way so he could take her in properly.

Come Rain or Shine is a cozy and charming English romance. 

There are worse fates than growing up knowing that you will one day inherit a vast and magnificent Cotswolds country estate, but for Rhys Travers it has always felt like a huge responsibility.

Juniper Meadows is home to much of his extended family, not to mention the many local businesses that operate on the estate, so there’s no time to sit back and enjoy the view. Juniper Meadows is a full-time job, and that doesn’t leave much time for romance…

Tasha Blake’s career leaves no time for romance either – much to her mother’s chagrin. Tasha’s sister Danni has kindly provided two grandchildren, but Victoria Blake is keen for more! When her job takes her to Juniper Meadows for an extended project, the slower pace of life, the beauty of the countryside and the warmth of the Travers family, soon has Tasha in its thrall, and the future Lord of the Manor Rhys Travers is rather easy on the eye too.

As the busyness of life on the estate sweeps Tasha and Rhys along, they are both able to ignore the secrets and silences that are growing between them. But when the future of Juniper Meadows hangs in the balance, loyalties and love are tested to breaking point. When the chips are down, can Rhys and Tasha see a future together, come rain or shine… 

If you are looking for a book that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then you need to read this book. Sarah is one of my go-to “pick me up” authors because I always know that I will get a charming story that will leave me feeling happy when I am done. This book has this nice soft pace to it. Things are happening, but not at a breakneck speed or an overwhelming amount of things. Most of this story focuses on Tasha breathing new life into the camping site at Juniper Meadows. There are a few other side stories happening as well, which are connected to previous books in this series. You can read this book as a stand-alone; Sarah does a great job at bringing her readers up to speed. But I would highly recommend reading the previous books because they are delightful. If you are a fan of makeover stories, then you will love watching Tasha revamp the campsite at Juniper Meadows. Makeover stories are pure catnip for me, and I enjoy these types of books so much because the MCs are often very passionate about whatever they are working on, and that passion just leaps from the pages. Tasha is excited about her new job and is bursting with amazing ideas. Her excitement and passion were addictive, and I couldn’t help but feel excited, too. Juniper Meadows is beautiful and breathtaking. It’s that perfect, charming English setting that I love so much. It just oozes that small-town English charm. 

I really like Tasha as a MC. She is smart, ambitious, and very kind-hearted. Her character is very career-driven. But even though she has these strong career-driven qualities, she also has this moral stance that she will not compromise on, even for her job. She is sent to Juniper Meadows to gather information for her boss, but she refuses to cross any lines that would have her snooping into the personal lives of the Travers families. Tasha often gets criticized by her family for the way she lives her life. They don’t understand why she works so much and think she should be settling down and having a family. The family dynamics in this book were interesting. Tasha’s family acted more like you would imagine titles gentry would act. Her mother comes across as very posh and expects her children to act and live their lives a certain way. Whereas Rhys’ family, who is actually titled gentry, were the most down-to-earth wonderful group of people you could ever meet. I loved seeing those two contrasting family dynamics. Rhys was everything I wanted in my male MC. He is gorgeous, kind, and very protective, but he also has this sweet, vulnerable part to him. I loved watching him and Tasha interact with each other because they both have that strong type A controlling personality. There were moments when they clashed, but nothing big came from those clashes. You get that fun, sharp banter without all that big drama or fallout that sometimes comes from conflict.  

The romance is this beautiful blend of slow burn and workplace tropes. This is a clean romance, which means that there isn’t anything more than kissing on the pages. I adored Rhys and Tasha together. I had to keep on reading because I wanted to see what their next exchange would look like. These two characters just fit really nicely together. Their chemistry was incredibly delicious, and I loved watching them grow as a couple. Even though they had similar personalities, they really just complimented each other, and those similarities helped them understand each other that much more. 

Come Rain Or Shine is a sweet and lovely romance that I could not put down. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources, for the ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.