Review by Veronica

Lady Charlotte tipped back her head and laughed, her painted lips parted in the most inviting manner. The melodic sound found its way into Matthew’s heart and then curled up there. 

Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man is a good book for those who are looking to sink their teeth into a historical mystery romance.

Lady Charlotte Lovett should have never run away upon discovering her betrothal. But when one has been promised to a man who, rumor has it, killed his previous two wives, one does what one must. The only thing that can get her out of this engagement is proving that Viscount Hawley is as sinister as she thinks he is. And the person who would know best is his very own brother.

In many ways, Dr. Matthew Talbot is the exact opposite of his sibling-scholarly, shy, and shunned by society. But like his brother, he has secrets, and he doesn’t need Charlotte exposing them in her quest to take down the viscount. It only seems prudent to help her while keeping her from poking her nose in all the wrong places. But as they put their hearts at risk to grow closer to each other, they are also getting closer to a dangerous confrontation with Hawley. 

This is a tough review for me to write. For whatever reason, I just didn’t connect with this book. I didn’t really enjoy the story, and I didn’t connect with the characters. Now, I firmly believe that every story has its readers, and not every story is for every reader. And that philosophy applies to this situation. I am going to quickly go over what makes this book great and its qualities that might draw in certain bookworms. Just because I didn’t enjoy this book doesn’t mean others won’t fall in love with Lady Charlotte’s story. 

This book is perfect for those readers who are looking for a historical romance that has a mystery twist in it. Lady Charlotte sets out to find proof that Viscount Hawley, her fiance, is a wife killer. She is desperately trying to find a way out of her engagement because she knows that she will be killed if she marries this man. As she investigates Hawley, she ends up joining forces with Dr Matthew Talbot, who is the Viscount’s brother. Matthew has his own secrets that he is trying to keep, but he realizes that his brother is a menace that needs to be stopped. Matthew is also attracted to Charlotte but knows that he shouldn’t have these lusty feelings for his best friend’s sister and brother’s fiance. The mystery and romance blended together fairly nicely. Both were interesting and are sure to draw readers in. The story moves at a great pace, and a few well-placed twists and turns will keep readers entertained. The characters are diverse and complex. They add a nice amount of depth and charm to the story. Charlotte and Matthew are good MCs and complement each other nicely. The chemistry and sparks are there. 

Overall, this is a good book with a solid plot and characters that are sure to entertain you. 

Thank you, Forever Publishing, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.