Review by Veronica

Series Name: Ice Breaker Cold Case, # 4 

“Goosebumps rose on her arms. His voice was really quite something when he pitched it so low. Deep and rumbling, it slid over her in the best—no correction, the worst—way. She didn’t want to find anything about this man to be arousing.
Yet, she did. Because when she looked at him, one thought slid through her mind. Sin.
This man is built for sin.
Temptation. Recklessness. Passion.
In other words, a born heartbreaker.”

Touched by Ice is chef’s kiss perfection. 

Cold case. Hot romance.

Aiden Warner has power, fame, and money. What he doesn’t have? Answers. His twin brother vanished when Aiden was a teen, and the mystery has haunted Aiden for years. He will do anything, pay any price, to learn the truth. Luckily for Aiden, there is one woman out there who can help him solve the mystery from his past.

She deals with the dead.

Dr. Antonia “Tony” Rossi has a reputation—she finds the dead. She’s an expert when it comes to discovering remains and identifying the deceased. Someone has to give justice for the missing, and she’s made it her life’s work to be the voice for those who can’t speak. Tony’s a loner by nature, uncomfortable with attention, and definitely not a woman who seeks the spotlight.

He thinks he can buy her. Newsflash, he can’t.

Aiden is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants now? Antonia. He figures he can pay her to do the job, and the case will be closed but…he’s wrong. About her. About himself. From the minute he meets her, Aiden is obsessed. He expected Antonia to be brilliant, but he doesn’t expect the hot surge of desire he feels for her.

Someone will kill to keep the past buried.

But now Aiden’s attention has a killer focused on Antonia, too. Someone who will not allow her to uncover any of his dark secrets. And if he has to, he will bury Antonia so deeply that no one will ever find her again.

It’s not the past that can destroy you. It’s the present.

When Antonia is threatened, Aiden realizes that nothing matters but protecting her. For years, his heart has been locked away, but she’s brought him to life again. He will not lose her. Will he fight for her? With everything he has. Would he kill to protect her? In a heartbeat.

Together, Aiden and Antonia will hunt for the murderer who has been hiding and waiting to strike again. The dead are going to speak, and Antonia will make sure she gives them justice.

This is my favourite Ice Breaker Cold Case book. So get ready for some major fangirling on my part. What made this book stand out so much for me was the chemistry between Aiden and Tony. It was just chef’s kiss perfection. I loved everything about these two and I could read a whole series that had Aiden and Tony as the main characters. I will quickly go over a few other things that I loved about this book before diving into Aiden and Tony’s relationship. 

Once again, Cynthia has created another good thriller that leaves you guessing right

until the very end. In this book, we actually don’t get to see into the killer’s head (which is different from her other books). Aiden approaches Tony to have her help him find his missing twin brother. Aiden’s brother has been missing for quite a few years (since they were teenagers) and everyone has given up hope in finding his body. Tony is known for being the person who can find the dead. Cynthia has really created a good suspense thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Unlike her other books, this book doesn’t have that cat and mouse feel to it. Aiden and Tony aren’t chasing anyone or being hunted by a killer, they are working together to find a missing person. But don’t think that this book isn’t as heart-racing and thrilling as her other books. There are plenty of fast-paced moments that have you gasping and at the edge of your seat. Once again, the romance and thriller elements complement each other and just left me feeling very satisfied. 

Let’s talk about Tony and Aiden. Tony’s character really gives off those Temperance Brennan (from the TV show) vibes. She is incredibly smart, good with bones, and can be incredibly awkward in social settings at times. She is very blunt, and can have a hard time reading social cues. I loved her character and I also loved the fact that even though her character is similar to Temperance Brennan, she is also different enough to make her character fresh and unique. Tony helps find the dead with her HRD dog Banshee. Her job is her life. Aiden is that typical alpha billionaire asshole. He gets what he wants and what he wants is Tony to help him find his brother. However, as you can imagine, Tony doesn’t give two shits about who this man is, and tells him to bugger off at first. This really baffles and surprises Aiden, because nobody says no to him. I just loved every moment in this book when Tony knocks Aiden to his knees. She just befuddles that man continuously throughout this book and it was just pure catnip for me. Both Aiden and Tony know there is some serious chemistry going on between them. The moment when they first touch each other, they know that there is no way to deny the attraction between them and that it’s going to rock their worlds. Tony thinks that this attraction is only because of the high tension environment that they find themselves in. She doesn’t think that this intense chemistry will last. Aiden realizes pretty much right from the beginning that there is no way he is letting Tony go and that she is going to be his for the rest of their lives. He is going to make sure she is safe and anyone who tries to hurt her is going to pay. Those alpha possessive male qualities really come out a lot in this book and it’s delicious. For those who like their romances steamy you are going to love this book. It has that typical Cynthia spice and what I mean is those spicy moments really complement the overall story. 

Touched By Ice wrecked me in the most glorious way and is perfect for those bookworms looking for a new romantic thriller to read.