Review by Veronica

Series Name: SEAL Endgame, # 3
Also published as Threatened

She never finished because the next thing Kylie knew she was wrapped in Gage’s strong arms, her face pressed into his hard, warm chest and all coherent thoughts left because he just felt so good. So safe.

Guarding His Unexpected Twins was a perfect ending to an enjoyable romance series. 

Former Navy SEAL Gage Winters is surprised to suddenly have custody of adorable twins after a childhood friend and his wife are killed. Adjusting to life as a new father is hard enough, but when the babies’ gorgeous aunt, Kylie Fredericks, shows up at his doorstep, determined to play a role in the babies’ lives, Gage can’t help but accept her help—at least for now. A loner by nature, Gage isn’t completely happy about sharing his home, even if his new roommate is sexy, single, and a natural around babies. But he’s admittedly in way over his head and while he’s wary of Kylie, he can’t deny how nice it is to have her around. And not just for the babies.

Initially Kylie can’t see why her sister chose Gage as the twin’s guardian, but the longer she stays, the more she realizes that not only is Gage a good father, he’s also a good man. Not to mention pretty easy on the eyes. But Gage has one fatal flaw: he wants more children…and that’s something Kylie can never give him. Though they’re becoming a cozy family, Kylie has to remind herself that she and Gage have no future together.

When Kylie and the twins are attacked in a park, Gage’s protective instincts go into high gear. Keeping the babies and Kylie safe becomes his number one priority. Too bad he didn’t think about protecting his heart. With an unknown threat circling closer by the minute, Gage and Kylie will do whatever they can to keep the babies safe—even if it means risking their own lives and sacrificing the love their hearts are having an increasingly hard time denying. 

This ended up being my favourite book of the series, which surprised me because it was the book I was least excited to read. I just loved the vibes this book was giving off. Leslie created a fun and delicious opposites attract, forced proximity romance. Being with Kylie and Gage as they try and figure out how to be parents while also dealing with the grief of losing someone had me feel some deep emotions. There are a lot of ups and downs between these two, and you can tell that they are dealing with a lot of big emotions and they are feeling so raw and vulnerable; it just made it so easy to connect with them. I loved the chemistry and dynamic between Kylie and Gage; they had such a wonderful opposites-attract vibe going on. I adored that Gage was baffled by Kylie’s job and belief in Fung Shui. The whole mystery part around Kylie being in danger was interesting and entertaining. Overall, this was a fun conclusion to the SEAL Endgame series. 

Thank you, Relay Publishing, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.