Review by Veronica

I rushed out, keeping my eyes firmly away from Aiden. That was the closest I’d got to him for years and I felt almost light-heated. Note to self—don’t do that again. It had felt…

I searched for the right word as I grabbed my bag and slipped on my cropped blazer.

… Dangerous.

The Love Interest is a delightful love letter to any romance bookworm.

No man can be as good as the one in your imagination…

Librarian Liv Jones has always dreamed of writing a romance novel. But she’s stuck when it comes to creating a romantic hero – sadly – lacking anyone in real life to base him on.

When her brother suggests his best friend stay in their shared flat for a few weeks, she can’t believe her bad luck. Aiden Rivers is irritating and pushes all her buttons. Worst of all, he’s gorgeous, has a sexy accent and reminds her of her all-time favourite character Mr Darcy.

Liv finds herself unexpectedly inspired and the leading man in her novel begins to bear an uncanny resemblance to Aiden. He can never find out though: she’d never live it down. Because Aiden can only ever be her love interest in the pages of her book – and definitely not in real life… right?!

This book was surprisingly addictive. It was easy to sink into the story and connect to its characters. I love a romance book that celebrates romance as a genre, and this book has that in spades. Liv loves romances, whether in book or movie form, and her passion for this genre just leaps from the pages. Victoria understands what a story needs to be a great romance, and she knows what her readers want. I enjoyed everything about this book. The flow was perfect. There was enough drama, humour, and spice to keep me entertained. I loved how Victoria blended multiple tropes to create something magical. I really loved the relationship between Liv and her brother. It was sweet and fun and added charm to the story.

Liv is a great character. She knows she wants to become a romance author but is stuck when it comes to creating that leading man for her book. This is because she hasn’t been in a serious relationship and hasn’t met a man who ignites that passion in her. That is until she is forced to spend more time with Aiden, her brother’s best friend. After a misunderstanding many years ago, Liv and Aiden have this hate/hate relationship with each other. I love a good enemies-to-lovers romance, and the tension between Liv and Aiden is delicious. I could see the sparks flying between these two right from the beginning and loved the sharp banter between them. The transition from enemies to lovers was perfect and believable. They didn’t jump into bed with each other until they cleared up past misunderstandings, which I loved.

The Love Interest is a fun and fabulous romance and the perfect way to escape those winter blues.

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.