Review by Veronica

‘Can I help with something else?’ he asked as he screwed the cap back onto the empty jerry can. She couldn’t answer for a moment, his smile was so distracting. She didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be sweeter than this gendarme who smiled with his whole face and siphoned off petrol for stranded strangers. Add a kitten and she’d buy a whole calendar of pictures of this guy completing practical tasks ridiculously competently. 

Snow Days with You is an interesting and emotional romance that is hard to put down.

When Luna Rowntree gets an unexpected and life-changing legacy from a man she’s never met, she’s determined to find out why – even if it is Christmas Day and her family are expecting her.

So, with only her mother’s ashes for company – it’s a long story, but Luna knows her mother would have wanted to come on the adventure too – Luna sets off in her trusty Astra to the skiing resort in Chamonix, where her mysterious benefactor had lived.

But her little car isn’t designed for driving through snow-covered mountains, and when she runs out of fuel heart-breakingly close to Chamonix, Luna is relieved to be saved by her very own knight-in-shining armour. Well, knight in mountain rescue uniform anyway.

Yannick is charmed if baffled by Luna’s mission, and before he knows it, he has agreed to help. But Yannick has his own secrets calling him from the mountains, and his own reasons to run away. As he helps Luna understand her past he realises he has to face his as well if he’s ever going to risk opening his heart to love.

This book is perfect for those readers who want to read something set during winter but doesn’t revolve around Christmas. This book gives off those wonderful snowy vibes without all that Christmas hoopla. I loved, loved this book. It was so engaging. I wanted to keep reading because I felt so invested in the story. Leonie took the story in a direction I wasn’t expecting, which I loved. It’s not too often that a romance book surprises me. The overall story is so fascinating. First, you have this mystery surrounding Robert, who has passed away and has left money to Luna. Luna has set out on this quest to figure out who this man is and his connection to her. Her journey to figuring out who Robert is was emotional and engaging. And as Luna is on this journey, you see this growth in her character. She grows more confident in herself and finally feels like she belongs somewhere.

We also got to explore the world of Gendarmerie (which is the mountain rescue service in France), which was fascinating and emotional. The whole Gendarmerie aspect of this story surprised me (in a good way). I loved getting to spend time with the Gendarmerie and watching them work. Spending time with them was an emotional roller coaster ride. There were so many highs and lows, and I loved every moment. I finished this book feeling like I learned something, which I always love. 

The romance between Luna and Yannick is a sweet, sweet, slow burn. For readers who want to read a cozy story but want to avoid being inundated with cheesy romance, then this book will be for you. A lot of the time Luna and Yannick spend together isn’t romantic in nature. Yannick sets out to train Luna to climb a mountain, which connects to her quest to find more about Robert. I loved watching these two interact. There was something real about their growing relationship. I wanted to keep on reading because I wanted to see what their next exchange would look like. 

Snow Days with You is a fabulous winter romance that will capture your heart and your attention. 

Thank you, Rachel Random Resources and Boldwood Books, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.