Review by Veronica

“More people came over to where Blythe and Sam were standing, making Sam move closer to Blythe. She looked up and he smiled down at her. Something in her stomach flipped.” 

The Perfect Christmas Village has oodles of holiday charm.

When Christmas-hating Sam moves to Holly Cross, he thinks he’s found the perfect home, until he discovers that, each year, Holly Cross transforms into the most Christmassy village in the whole country…

Blythe is just one sale away from being Real Estate Agent of the Month, so she twists the truth to sell a home to city boy Sam, who is looking for the perfect house in the perfect location. Little does he know he’s just bought a cottage in the middle of the most Christmassy village in the country. And if there’s one thing Sam loathes, it’s Christmas.

Sam’s arrival puts Holly Cross’s chance to win the title of Britain’s Most Christmassy Village now in jeopardy, and the villagers are soon up in arms. Meanwhile, Sam is in his own personal hell surrounded by fairy lights and everyone is looking to Blythe to fix things.

But as the festive season looms, maybe there’s more than just Christmas in Holly Cross for Sam to fall in love with…

Bella’s books are always fun, light-hearted romances. I enjoyed reading Blythe and Sam’s story. They have great banter and this delicious tension you cannot help but devour. If you like it when your romances take place in a small town full of quirky characters, then you will enjoy this book. The residents of Holly Cross are incredibly passionate about Christmas, and their love for the holiday season is infectious. I always enjoy a small-town romance because I love that feeling of community and togetherness. Beth does a wonderful job at bringing this tiny village to life, and I enjoyed spending time there. 

The story has this nice flow to it. The pacing is perfect. I never once felt like anything in the story was lagging. There were some interesting (and drama-filled) twists that I really enjoyed. I loved Vicky’s (Blythe’s best friend) side story. We spent some time with her throughout the book, and I loved her quirky energy. I definitely laughed out loud when she was trying to come up with a name for her dog-walking business. Blythe is a great character, and I enjoyed spending time with her. She is an upbeat, cheerful woman who tries to prove that she is good at her job. This woman works hard, and I felt people should have cut her a bit of slack over selling Sam a house in the village issue. It’s not her fault the man doesn’t like Christmas. Sam is like an onion; he has some layers that I loved peeling back. The man may come off as a Grinch, but he does have a heart of gold under that prickly exterior. 

This is a grumpy sunshine romance, which is my favourite trope. I thought Beth did a great job at creating this real and raw relationship between Sam and Blythe. There are a lot of miscommunications and hurdles these two have to overcome. They have plenty of sweet moments that are usually connected to Turpin (the feisty feline that came with Sam’s new home). They also have meaningful conversations filled with so much understanding and compassion they made my heart melt. 

The Perfect Christmas Village is a vibrant holiday romance and a must-have for any bookworm’s collection. 

Thank you, Rachel Random Resources and Boldwood Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.