Review by Veronica

He held out his hand in greeting. “Aiden Bennett.”

Shaking his hand, she sat up a little straighter. Her stomach did a nervous flip when they locked eyes again. She noticed how his were offset by his dark brown hair tossed casually around a very attractive face. He was the kind of handsome that put a shiver down her back, all the way to her toes. At a loss for words due to his rugged good looks and worn-out jeans that fell just right against his hips, she couldn’t form any coherent thoughts—yet there was also something familiar about him…

The Christmas Promise is a gorgeous holiday book that is so easy to fall in love with. 

Art buyer, Charlotte Moore, is given the chance of a lifetime to be head buyer for the esteemed Wallace Gallery’s Christmas charity gala. To her dismay, she arrives late to the auction, after the most prominent pieces are all bought up. She impulsively bids on the final painting in a panic-an unsigned landscape she’s nearly sure her boss will despise. To save her job, she travels to the beautifully festive New England coastal town of Seabreeze, the setting of the painting, in an attempt to learn the name of the artist. 

When a nor’easter blows through, she’s stuck at the adorable Cove Hill Inn, all decorated for the holiday and brimming with Christmas magic. While it’s not an awful place to be snowed in, her ability to work is at a standstill, with the gala looming closer. And she isn’t expecting to meet the innkeeper’s son, ruggedly handsome Aiden Bennett, a distraction she definitely doesn’t need. Even the inn’s cherry scones and the town’s Christmas fair are no match for Aiden’s charm. When she uncovers a family secret that could impact everyone, including herself and Aiden, it might shake up more than just the holiday. Under the shimmer of the town twinkle lights and the snow-covered Christmas trees, will Charlotte find the answers she’s looking for? Or has she unearthed something else entirely?  

It’s that time of year when all the Christmas romance ARCs are coming our way. I am loving all the Christmas books that are coming out this year. The Christmas Promise is perfect for fans who love watching those Christmas Hallmark movies or reading any book written by Jenny Hale. I found myself loving all the rich detail Lindsay put into this story. Everything just felt like it came to life in this book. I loved all the descriptions of Seabreeze and the Cove Hill Hotel Charlotte was staying at. It made me want to pack my bags and escape to this tiny community. If you love small-town romances, you will love this book’s vibes. The Christmas Promise just nailed all the things I love about small-town romances. 

This book has dual timelines. One takes place in 1919 and follows Alice and Oliver, and the other takes place in the present and follows Charlotte and Aiden. There is a mystery in this book, and it centers around this painting that Charlotte has found and has been tasked with trying to find out who the artist is. You know that Alice and Oliver’s story is somehow connected to the painting and possibly to Charlotte herself, but you don’t know how. Lindsay masterfully gives her readers little bits of information as the story goes on to help slowly piece together this mystery. I enjoyed how this aspect of the story was set up. It helped keep me engaged with what was happening. 

I loved all the characters; they had this wonderful balance of feeling real (especially Charlotte’s character) while still helping to create this charming, heartwarming setting. Charlotte’s character is riddled with insecurities after breaking up with her boyfriend. She has lost her spark to paint. It was great watching her regain her confidence not only in her artistic talent but also in opening her heart to the possibility of a new romance with Aiden. Aiden is a real charmer; he is that perfect Hallmark hero who melts my heart. He is just a good guy at his core. 

If you like snowed-inn, charming slow-burn romances, you will adore Aiden and Charlotte’s relationship. These two spend so much time together, and I love every minute of it. Their relationship has this real Hallmark-y feel to it. There are no really big misunderstandings or hurdles that they have to overcome. We get to enjoy watching this connection between them deepen. It was a nice change of pace not to have to read a romance filled with lots of drama. 

The Christmas Promise is a lush and gorgeous holiday romance that will sweep you off your feet. 

Thank You, Harpeth Road, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.