Review by Veronica

She tipped her chin upwards defiantly, lifting her head to meet his smouldering gaze, and released a low, disapproving tutting sound. ‘How remiss of you not to recognise your wife, Prince Teon.’

Teon felt an invisible punch to his gut.

He stared down at the woman before him, boldly daring to hold his gaze, a cold, cutting look of condemnation on her face, and he sucked in a breath.

Second Chance with His Viking Wife is another knockout historical romance by the talented Sarah Rodi.

Back to claim his crown

…and his wife!

Prince Teon married Viking chief’s daughter Revna to prevent a war—only to leave her immediately to fight another one. Now he’s returned to claim his crown! He’s stunned to discover the love his people have for Revna, and by the intensity of their unexpected connection. Teon tells himself he only needs Revna as an ally…until the passion of their belated wedding night promises they could be so much more…

I really do love Sarah’s books, they just have this amazing ability to capture my attention right from the first chapter and hold onto it right until the last page. What also amazes me is how much she can pack into such short stories. This book is less than 200 pages, but it reads like it’s a full fledged novel. This book starts with a funeral, the king is dead and no one knows where his heir is. The main heroine, Revna married Prince Teon eight years ago, but he left her on their wedding night. Teon made it clear that he hated Revna and wanted nothing to do with her. Fast forward to the king’s funeral, and half-way through the ceremony Teon finally returns, surprising everyone. I loved, loved, loved this scene because the moment Teon lays eyes on Revna he is almost knocked down to his knees because he cannot get over how beautiful she is and the confidence she gives off. He realizes she is no longer that girl he left eight years ago. I also love it when a hero is bewildered, befuddled, or made speechless by the heroine. There is something about watching a heroine just destroying the heroes’ well ordered world. It really is fabulous. Revna keeps Teon on his toes and stands up to him, something he wasn’t expecting and isn’t used to.

The story itself is very fast paced. Almost right away, the castle where everyone is residing is under attack and they end up being under siege for days on end. There is plenty of action in this book, with mini skirmishes, fires, and betrayals. There are plenty of high-tension moments in this book that will leave you on the edge of your seat. I literally could not put this book down because I needed to know what would happen next.

Gosh, I like Revna and Teon as characters. They are both fierce, loyal, and brave. Getting to watch these two together was oh-so-satisfying. The chemistry and heat between these two leapt from the pages, and because they both have strong personalities, they clashed most spectacularly. High tension from the siege, hurt and anger from past misunderstandings, and an all-consuming attraction created this perfect storm of high emotions between these two. I loved watching Revna and Teon interact. You just know that when they finally act upon those lusty feelings they have for each other, things are going to heat up real fast (and boy, does it get spicy!). If you are a fan of forced proximity, one bed, enemies to lovers, and second-chance romances, then you will enjoy Revna and Teon’s relationship. There are some real hurdles these two have to overcome to be together. For Teon, he has to let go of his anger and stop blaming Revna for things she had no part in, and Revna needs to learn to be brave enough to open up her heart (again) to Teon.

Second Chance with His Viking Wife is an addictive, fast-paced, lusty romance that I will read again and again.

Thank you, Sarah Rodi, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.