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Both of us had opted for the classics: blue jeans, white T-shirts, navy Converse. But where my ASOS jeans were snug and my Free People T-shirt loose, Ren’s straight leg Levis hung low on his hips and the ultra-thin cotton of his crew neck tee clung to his body, coasting over every curve and plane. His skin glowed and his dark hair was damp, giving him the distinct look of a character from a nineties romcom who had been up since dawn, building a log cabin for disadvantaged orphans before rushing into the shower and pulling on the first items of clothing he could find so he would still make our date on time. 

Love Me Do is another fun, sweet rom-com by Lindsey Kelk.

Greetings card copywriter Phoebe Chapman knows a good romantic line or two – and it makes her a fantastic Cupid.

So when she lands in the Hollywood Hills – a place that proves film stars, golden beaches and secret waterfalls don’t just exist in the movies – she can’t resist playing matchmaker for her handsome neighbour, carpenter Ren.

But you can’t hide from love in La La Land.

And isn’t there something a little bit hot about Ren, her own leading man next door?

Goodness, this was a lot of fun to read. I spent my Saturday this long weekend sitting in my backyard, getting lost in the story that Lindsey had created. I truly enjoy everything about this book. This is one of those books you can read and just enjoy the romance, humour, and characters. It doesn’t require anything from you. Now, that isn’t to say that this book is all fun and fluff. Lindsey does touch upon the topics of abuse and grief, but these topics don’t take over the overall story. They are carefully and thoughtfully woven throughout the story to add heartfelt depth to the book.

I loved how LA was portrayed in this book. Lindsey did a great job bringing this city to life with lush and vibrant details. She takes readers to those typical touristy spots but also to some hidden gems that only locals know about. The story itself has lots of laugh-out-loud moments and moves along at a fairly steady pace. I adored all the secondary characters in this book. They just added so much fun and craziness to the overall story. They also had a surprising depth and showed readers that we shouldn’t judge others just by their appearances. Myrna, the spunky elderly lady who lives a few doors down from where Phoebe is staying, stole the show in this story. I knew right from the first time that she appeared on the page and stuck her middle finger up at Phoebe that this lady would keep me on my toes as a reader.

Fans of friends to lovers, love triangle, and slow burn will enjoy Phoebe and Ren’s love story. They have an adorable and fun meet-cute, and anytime these two were on the page together, sparks were flying. Ren is a sweetheart, and it’s pretty clear that he is crushing on Phoebe (who is oblivious to his feelings) but doesn’t think she is interested in him. This means he goes along with Phoebe’s plan to get Bel (Phoebe’s new friend) and Ren together. Phoebe still struggles to find her own self-worth, something her ex-boyfriend destroyed. She doesn’t think that in a million years, a guy as good-looking as Ren would ever consider dating someone like her. It takes some tough love from Myra and Phoebe’s sister to finally knock some sense into her.

The scenes where Phoebe is trying to help Bel connect with Ren were probably my least favourite part of this book. I think it was because, for some reason, Bel, who is normally kind and outgoing, became this snobbish bitch. It was such a jarring change in personality, and it made me question who the real Bel was. Her character went from fun-loving to bitch-y back to fun-loving. It just didn’t work for me. But other than that minor flaw, the love story between Ren and Phoebe was pretty close to perfect. I loved the interactions between these two. The conversation just flowed naturally; nothing felt forced. Love Me Do is a sweeter romance with only a little spice near the book’s end. 

Love Me Do is a delightful rom-com you cannot help but love.  

Thank you, HarperCollins Canada, for the arc in exchange for an honest review.