Review by Veronica

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Series Name: Blossomwood Bay, # 3 

Once again, she found herself inexplicably drawn to him, as though she had somehow known him in a previous life; it was a strange feeling, one she hadn’t experienced before with anyone. 

Get ready to escape to the tropical island of Oahu! 

When Holly Henderson loses her dog-grooming business in the Blossomwood Bay fire, she’s devastated, and her plans to expand into creative coat-dyeing are over before they began. After her temporary job at Blossomwood Kennels also comes to a heart-breaking end, she’s left with no choice but to accept her cousin’s offer of a dog-sitting assignment for celebrity TV chef Oscar Reynolds if she wants to keep her beloved springer spaniel, Ariel, in dog biscuits.

However, the assignment is in Hawaii and Holly has never been further than a short weekend trip to Paris. With some trepidation, she heads to Oahu and the Mahina family’s ranch where, within five minutes of arriving, she’s run off the road by a speeding Ferrari and doused in an avalanche of “organic” fertiliser.

So much for the glamorous holiday she’d hoped to enjoy!

But despite the inauspicious start, it doesn’t take long for the tropical island paradise to weave its Aloha magic through Holly’s veins. Can the hang loose lifestyle help her find the confidence she needs to deal with the demons that have been chasing her for as long as she can remember? Or will they continue to pursue her, sapping her energy, and ruining her chance of finding happiness? 

The third book in the Blossomwood Bay series focuses on Holly’s story. Like most romance series, you don’t need to read the previous two books to understand what is happening in this story. But if you are looking for great travel romance books, I highly recommend the previous two books because they are so magical and well-written. In this book, we are heading to the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Oahu. I don’t know how Daisy does it because she masterfully brings the settings of her books to life. I felt like I was being transported to Oahu and surrounded by this gorgeous location and its laid-back culture. I fell in love with everything to do with this island. It’s now on my list of places to visit. 

The story is paced wonderfully; everything moves along at a quicker pace, which I enjoyed because it kept my attention. I loved all the secondary characters and their stories. They added a lot of fun, charm and chaos. I found myself just as invested in their stories as in Holly and Oscar’s. This book even had a bit of mystery, which was a pleasant surprise. Holly is a sweetheart, and her passion for dogs really just leaps from the pages. I loved watching her learn to finally speak her mind and overcome her fear of confrontation with other people. Oscar surprised me; his character was a bit of a mystery for me at the start. I thought he would be this snobbish, broody hero, but he was this laid-back, sweet guy. He fit into that Hawaiian vibe that this book had going on. The romance between Holly and Oscar is lovely, with very little conflict. 

Holly’s Hawaiian Holiday is a fun, easy-to-love romance that will transport you to the gorgeous island of Oahu.

Thank you, Rachel Random Resources, for sending us an ARC in exchange for an honest review.