Review by Veronica

“He dipped and brushed the softest of kisses against her mouth. A warm, fluttering sensation filled her belly, startling Georgianna. Oh! His lips on hers was the gentle caress of a butterfly wing, yet she felt destroyed by his tenderness and the assurance in his touch. Her throat ached with emotions she barely understood, and before she could sink into the kiss, the earl lifted his head and walked away.”

An Earl to Remember is a fun historical romance that you will not be able to put down. 

Miss Georgianna Eleanor Heyford may be naught but a gentleman’s daughter, but even she’s heard the rumors about the Earl of Stannis’s exceptional charm and good looks. Surely she can cater his luxurious yacht party without getting swept away. But a terrible misunderstanding leaves Georgianna fired, furious, and with little recompense. Which is precisely when her opportunity for vengeance washes ashore…

Daniel Rutherford, the Earl of Stannis, has absolutely no memory of who he is. They tell him he must have fallen overboard, and the only person he seems to recognize is the lovely Georgianna—who strikes a chord of familiarity…and the faintest memory of heating his blood. Only now this inelegant, poorly dressed woman claims to be his wife!

But the truth is, Georgianna is finally getting her revenge. The dashing earl will work off the money he owes her and no one will be the wiser. Except the longer he stays with her and her younger sisters, the more it feels like he belongs there. And that perhaps he’d find a forever place in Georgianna’s heart…at least, until his memory returns… 

Goodness, this book is fun and oh so spicy. You will love this book if you love the Overboard movies (either with Goldie Hawn or Anna Fairs). Stacy has taken the premise of those movies and given them a historical twist. You wouldn’t think it would work, but it does. Georgianna and her sisters need money. Georgie believes she has found the answer to their prayers when she gets the catering job on the Earl of Stannis’s yacht. But unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, mainly because the Earl is a bit of a rake and an asshole and cannot keep his hands or lips to himself. Georgie gets fired and is once again left trying to figure out what she will do to keep on supporting herself and her sisters. Then a few days later, she hears that the man was found by the shoreline with no memory of who he is. Georgie is surprised to see that this mysterious man is the Earl, and after a few misunderstandings, she finds herself taking home the Earl. Of course, shenanigans and sparks happen during the Earl’s stay at Georgie’s house. 

I loved this story. It’s spicy, funny, sweet, witty, and just really enjoyable to read. It’s one of those books that just captures your attention, and before you know it, you have ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting. I devoured the sharp and witty dialogue. All the characters are going to keep you on your toes and very entertained. I loved Georgia’s youngest sisters. They are adorable, and I just melted my heart every time they interacted with Daniel, aka the Earl. The mischief those three got themselves into just had me chuckling. The story is fast-paced enough that I didn’t find myself getting bored, which can sometimes happen in historical romances (at least for me). 

If you love the dirty talk in Tessa Bailey’s books, then you will swoon over Daniel’s character. The dirty talk that came out of that man’s mouth had me blushing at times. This is also a more graphic open-door romance, so for those who are looking for something more on the spicier side, this might be the book for you. This story has plenty of tropes; you have amnesia, fake marriage, enemies to lovers, and even one bed. All these tropes come together beautifully and create a fabulous love story. The sparks between Georgia and Daniel fly right from the first heated glance between them on Daniel’s yacht. I loved the way they both got under each other’s skin, and they literally could not stop thinking about each other. 

An Earl to Remember is a spicy, unique historical romance that I could not put down. 

Thank you, Entangled Publishing, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.