Review by Veronica

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‘Are you Ella?’ a voice behind me asks, making me jump. I turn to see a man dressed exactly as I would expect a builder to look, with a hi-vis vest over a short-sleeved top and trousers that are both covered with cement dust marks. Even his sturdy-looking boots are scuffed and faded. He’s squinting a little in the bright sunlight, but I can see that his eyes are deep brown. His dark hair matches the stubble on his chin and, as my eyes drop to his torso, I can’t help noticing the thickness of his arms. My stomach does a little flip, and I mentally tell myself off. 

Love at First Site is a nice easy romance to fall in love with. 

Ella’s life is about to be hit by a wrecking ball… On the surface, Ella has it all. A great job, a penthouse apartment and the perfect boyfriend, Lee. There’s just one snag: their relationship has to be kept secret due to their employer’s strict rule about not dating colleagues. When Lee quits to join a competitor, Ella discovers they haven’t been as discreet as they thought and she finds herself out of a job. Stuck in an apartment she can’t afford with a man she’s beginning to suspect loves himself much more than her, Ella’s life quickly unravels. A job offer could be her ticket to a new start, but it’s miles away on a construction site, an industry she knows nothing about. Can Ella prove everyone wrong and make a go of her new career? And will guidance from foreman Noah help her build a new, even better life for herself?

This book is perfect for those romance readers who love to read a workplace romance but are looking for something different. What really drew me to this book was that it takes place on a construction site, which is the field of work I am in. It was the first time I could connect with what the main characters did professionally, and I loved it. I laughed at all the construction site shenanigans. The overall story is cute, funny, and romantic, which is everything I love in my romance books. I enjoyed the unique and fresh story Phoebe created for her readers. It just made reading this book so much more delightful.

I found myself quickly rooting for Ella as she struggled to show her co-workers that she belonged on the construction site. It is not always easy to be the only woman on a construction site, something I can relate to. But I love my job and colleagues, no matter how rough around the edges they can be. I think that is why I connect with Ella’s professional journey so much because I could relate to what she was going through. I adored Noah, he was such a swoontastic hero, and I just love how he supported and treated Ella. All the secondary characters are fabulous and help give the story depth and keep the plot moving. Once again, the different workplace setting breathed new life into that typical workplace trope, making Ella and Noah’s relationship much more enjoyable to watch as it unfolded. 

Love at First Site is a great book to get lost in this summer.