Review by Veronica

Time stood still as she drank him in, while for Jake, every second was a struggle, or so it seemed, as he tried and failed to shove his garment bag and carry-on into the storage section of the cabin. He eventually dropped his belongings on the floor in frustration. As he turned and ran his beautiful bedhead hair, their eyes met. 

For the first time in two years.

24 Hours in Italy was everything I could have hoped for and so much more. 

A new destination, a familiar spark . . .

Two years have passed since Mira and Jake missed their flight and spent a magical 24 hours together in Paris. Sparks flew. Romance bloomed. But life got in the way. When they’re reunited for another whirlwind adventure, will they connect in the same way?

Mira’s living her best life, having started a new chapter by taking a leave from her high pressure corporate position to spend time in Italy. Surrounded by amazing scenery, fantastic food and wine, and endearing locals, her life is nearly perfect—except for the thoughts of what might’ve been with Jake.

While Jake’s career has never been better, the move to California has been less than perfect. Still, he’s got high hopes that seeing Mira at their friends’ destination wedding can right past wrongs. Except travel has never been his strong suit, and his reunion with Mira is punctuated by another, more recent heartbreak.

When the pair collide again on the gorgeous Amalfi coast, the spark they felt in Paris is reignited, but their quest for a happy ending will surely be as rocky as the Italian coastline. 

I really loved Romi’s 24 Hour in Paris. It felt like this delicious and unforgettable love letter to the City of Light. It is also a book I plan on re-reading before I go to Paris to visit some of the sights Mira and Jake visited. I was excited to get my hands on Romi’s next book, 24 Hours in Italy, because the Amalfi Coast is another place that is on my bucket list, and I knew Romi’s description of this place was going to have me wanting to pack my bags and visit this gorgeous location. Readers, I am here to tell you that Romi did not disappoint me with this book. Like most rom-coms, you don’t have to read the first book to understand what is happening in this book. Romi does an amazing job at bringing readers up to speed. Fans of the previous book will be excited to hear that many of the previous book’s characters make appearances in this book. 

I’m always amazed at how masterful Romi is at transporting her readers to these magical places. I felt like I was exploring the Amalfi Coast with Mira and Jake. I adore that Romi will often explore those small and not always super tourist spots; she really brings to life those hidden gems that often get overlooked. Of course, the food talk in this book is out of this world. Mira’s passion for delicious food is infectious, and all I wanted to do was cook up some Italian food and eat until I burst at the seams. 

One of the many things I love about this book is its fast pace. The bulk of this book takes place in 24 hours, and a lot happens in those 24 hours. Because things are moving so quickly, I become so engrossed with what is happening that before I know it, I am over halfway done with the book, and all I want to do is keep on reading because I want to know what will happen next. It is an addictive read. Plenty is going on in this book. We have the wedding between Eloise and Dembe, which has its own drama, we have fun secondary stories happening, and of course, all that delicious tension between Mira and Jake. 

The romance in this book is all about second chances, forced proximity, and even a love triangle. All of these tropes blend together to make one fabulous love story. Mira and Jake’s relationship fizzles out at the beginning of this book. Life throws Mira an unexpected curve ball, which causes her to break things off with Jake. But like any good rom-com, neither Mira nor Jake can really move on, so when they meet up again in Italy, it’s hard not to see the chemistry between them. There are many will they, won’t they moments between these two, which had me turning the page because I wanted to see who would make the first move. I love Mira and Jake together; they just make sense as a couple in my mind. There is a lot of hurt and uncertainty between these two, and I enjoyed watching them rekindle their romantic relationship. Overall, I thought Romi knocked this love story out of the park. 

24 Hours in Italy is an addictive rom-com that will leave you feeling very satisfied. 

Thank you, W by Wattpad Books, for the copy in exchange for an honest review.