Review by Veronica

This was great. Nancy was scanning her list for other things she could pass to Freddy when there was a commotion downstairs.

‘Help! Help!’ called Freddy.

Nancy left her office and hot-footed it down the stairs closely followed by Claudia. Filip was already at the shredder which was making a very strange noise and starting to smoke.

‘What the hell?’ said Nancy.

Filip spun out of the way to reveal Freddy bent over with his tie in the shredder which was slowly mincing it.  

An Invitation to Seashell Bay is a fun, sweet romance and perfect book to escape with this summer.

One ambitious businesswoman.
One irresponsible heir.
A deal that will turn both their lives upside down…
To grow her craft business, Nancy is in desperate need of two things: help and money. So when a potential investor she’s looking to impress recommends an assistant, she jumps at the chance to secure both.
Freddy Astley-Davenport is a notorious playboy with zero work experience. He’s poised to inherit his family’s estate in sunny Seashell Bay – but only if he can hold down a job for six months first. His plan is to take the assistant role in name only, then do the least work he possibly can.
Nancy has other ideas, though, and the pair butt heads from day one. However, as they argue, sparks begin to fly, and they soon discover exactly why opposites attract…

I love Bella’s books; they are this delightful mix of laughter and heart. This is one of those books you can easily sink into. The story is fun and exciting and kept me entertained. All the secondary stories, especially Alice’s story, added so much depth and richness to the overall book. All the characters were wonderful and played important parts in moving the story forward. I enjoyed the dialogue and interactions between all the characters. I love a story that has me laughing, and then I can turn the page and find myself swooning at the interactions of the main couple. It just makes for such a wonderful reading experience.

Nancy is a wonderful heroine. She is smart, witty, and you cannot help but cheer her on as she tries to expand her crafting business. Freddy added some fabulous comic relief; watching this man try and work and mess up every time was endearing and hilarious. Nancy and Freddy, as a couple, were sweet, and I could see the chemistry/sparks between them. I enjoyed watching as their relationship grew into something more, and those sweet, swoony moments gave me all those good feelings.

An Invitation to Seashell Bay is the perfect summer romance for those looking for something lighter with a lot of heart.

Thank you, Avon Books UK and Rachel Random Resources, for an arc in exchange for an honest review.