Review by Veronica

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Series Name: The Cornish Midwife, # 8 

‘I hope so, because I’m pregnant.’ It was just two words, but they changed everything. She wasn’t even sure Johnnie had heard them, because he was staring at her open-mouthed. Nothing in his expression gave away what he was thinking; his face was completely blank. ‘Did you hear what I said?’

‘We’re having a baby?’ Johnnie still looked stunned, but his words said everything. There were so many ways he could have worded it, but he hadn’t said ‘You’re pregnant?’ or ‘You’re having a baby?’ he’d said ‘we’re having a baby’. She was certain then, whatever happened, they really were in this together.

The perfect ending to a wonderful and heartfelt series.

Midwife Jess is so used to helping other mums achieve their dreams that she’s put her own hopes of motherhood firmly on hold. After having her heart broken once before, Jess is determined to focus all she has on her small family and stepson Riley and make sure he feels safe, happy and loved.

But when Jess is asked to care for a tiny baby and new mum in need of support, she’s torn. Jess wants to help, but she isn’t sure her battered heart could cope with saying goodbye to another baby she’s fallen in love with.

Jess knows this could be the happy ever after she’s always dreamed of, but what if it costs her more heartache along the way? Is she brave enough to take one last chance at motherhood?

Goodness, I have mixed feelings about finishing this book, mainly because it’s hard to believe this is the last book in the beautiful and emotional series. The Cornish Midwife has been a solid and breathtaking series. I lost count of the number of times that I have laughed, cried, and just fell in love with Jo’s stories and characters. Like most books in this series, you can read this book as a stand-alone. Jo does an excellent job at catching readers up with what has happened in previous books, but I recommend reading A Spring Surprise For The Cornish Midwife before starting this book. This is because A Spring Surprise is the first half of Jess’s story or journey. It’s where she tries fostering for the first time and where she meets and falls in love with Dexter.

Happy Ever After for the Cornish Midwife has everything I have come to expect and love from books from this series. We get on this emotional journey with Jess and her friend Meg. Both women are trying to grapple with big changes in their lives. Meg, at 46, has found out she is pregnant, and Jess once again finds herself being a foster mom for a wee baby. I just love being with these women as they experience wonderful and, at times, heartbreaking events. And in the end, they get the HEA they so deserve. 

Fans of the series will also love being able to chat with the other midwives. Reading this book felt like hanging out with a great group of friends. This book also contains lovely secondary stories focusing on midwives’ patients. These secondary stories always add much richness and depth to the story.
Jo did a fantastic job wrapping up the series, leaving this reader feeling oh-so content. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources for the arc in exchange for an honest review.