Review by Veronica

Series Name: The Worthingtons, # 9 

Harry took a cup from Eleanor and handed Lady Madeline one as well. Keeping busy was the only thing that was stopping him from staring at her. Even the word “beautiful” did not seem to be sufficient.

The Husband List is a charming regency romance. 

While her older sisters have sought out adventure, Lady Madeline Vivers is content to be the conventional one in the family. A respectable husband, spring and autumn in Town, a place in the country—these are Madeline’s very reasonable goals. And Mr. Harry Stern is not the man to help her reach them—no matter how much he causes her pulse to race. He is far too ambitious and determined to make his mark in Parliament. Yet, somehow he’s convinced that Madeline is just the helpmate he needs . . .

The moment Harry witnesses Madeline gently convincing a shopkeeper to hire the child who is stealing from him, he’s intrigued. If only she realized how much good they could do together, aiding their fellow countrymen and women. And the way her color deepens at his touch tells him she too feels their intense attraction. In fact, Harry has never felt so powerful an attraction either. What better reasons to use all his gifts of persuasion to convince her she belongs by his side—and in his arms . . . 

Usually, most books in Regency romance series can be read as standalone because often the stories and characters tend not to be too interconnected. But that was not the case for this book. I haven’t read any other books in this series, which was a big mistake. I found that I was utterly lost and overwhelmed with what was going on and I had no idea who anyone was. It felt like I was jumping into the middle of multiple stories, and I just couldn’t catch up with what was happening. Now, I feel like those readers who have read the previous books in the series will enjoy its latest installment. They will love catching up with these characters from previous books and the ever-expanding world that Ella has created.  

This isn’t a poorly written-book. I found myself enjoying the banter that was happening between characters, especially Madeline and Harry. It’s full of regency drama, which I always love. We get to attend balls, walk through parks, and just enjoy the London season. The romance is sweet and has a wonderful slow-burn feel to it. I loved Madeline and Harry, and it was delightful watching these two characters start forming a romantic relationship slowly. 

Thank you, Kensington Book, for the arc in exchange for an honest review.