Review by Veronica

Then there was a rustle of leaves and a cry from above, and a dancing slipper struck him in the side of the head, followed by a foot, silken shirts and darkness.

Get ready to be swept away in the love story of Awakening His Shy Duchess.

Evan Bellwether, the Duke of Fallon, is stunned when Madeline Goddard takes a tumble attempting to flee a ball…and accidentally falls into him! But that’s the least of the duke’s worries when the compromising situation forces them somewhere Evan didn’t want to be—the altar! At first, his new bride appears painfully shy. Could the key to discovering the real Maddie lie with unlocking the passion of their marriage?  

I adore Harlequin romance books. They are short and sweet (or sometimes spicy) and a great way to escape the world for a few hours. I enjoyed reading this book. I loved watching Madeline break out of her wallflower shell and become this shelf-assured woman that knows what she wants. Her character really was what stood out most for me. She has this beautiful quiet strength to her, and she is brilliant. I loved watching her stand up to her bully of a father and her idiot of a husband. The story is slower-paced and focuses on the growing relationship between Madeline and Evan. 

Fans of forced marriage and miscommunication tropes will love the romance between Madeline and Evan. It was obvious that they felt a connection from the first moment they saw each other, but neither one actually wanted to get married. But when they are caught in a compromising situation, they have no choice but to marry. The relationship between Madeline and Evan is full of bumps. There are plenty of miscommunications between these two, and Evan’s constant mood swings often strain things between them. There are reasons for Evan’s mood swings. He struggles with family expectations and how his growing love for Madeline changes his views on marriage. One thing I felt this book was missing was that moment of grovelling that I felt Evan needed to do to win Madeline back. He does act like a big idiot throughout this story, and I wish he would have just fallen to his knees and begged for Madeline’s forgiveness.  

Awakening His Shy Duchess is another great Harlequin romance. 

Thank you, Harlequin, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.