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Jana, her mother, and Imani were navigating the busy hallway of the airport toward the gate for their next flight when Imani suddenly shrieked. 

Jana instinctively reached for her daughter. She didn’t know whether to drop to the floor, run for cover, or inspect Imani for injuries. Jana realized, in horror, what her daughter had screamed about the moment Imani broke free from her arms and started running. 

Imani was leaping straight into the arms of her father Anil Malek. 


Jana Goes Wild is a fun and fabulous rom-com and a perfect way to escape this summer. 

Jana Suleiman has never really fit in—everyone always sees her as too aloof, too cool, too perfect. The one time she stepped out of her comfort zone she ended up with a broken heart and a baby on the way. Aaaand lesson learned. Now she’s a bridesmaid for a destination wedding in Serengeti National Park, and almost everyone she knows will be there. Her five-year-old daughter. Her mom. Her friends. Even her potential new boss. And of course (because who doesn’t love surprises!) her gorgeous-but-not-to-be-trusted ex.

Fortunately, Anil Malek is a great dad, even if Jana hasn’t quite forgiven him for lying to her all those years ago. Determined to show he has no effect on her whatsoever, she and the bridesmaids concoct a go-wild list to get Jana through the week. Sing karaoke? Sure. Perform their high school dance routine in front of strangers? Okay. But the more she lets down her guard, the less protection she has against her attraction to Anil. And Jana soon realizes it’s one thing to walk on the wild side . . . and quite another to fall for her ex all over again.

We love Farah Heron’s books here at Romance By The Book. Her storytelling is fun, witty, and just so enjoyable. I was pumped for this book because I LOVED Kamila Knows Best, and Jana Goes Wild takes place in the same world with many of the same characters. This book takes place a few years after Kamila’s book. Jana, her family, and friends are heading to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania for Kamila’s wedding. Jana is looking forward to spending time with Imani, her daughter. Still, her excitement lessens when she realizes that Anil Imani’s father will also be attending the destination wedding. First, I have to gush about the setting. I just fell in love with Tanzania. Farah does an amazing job at transporting her reader to this National Park. Everything felt lush and vivid, and I wish I could go there myself. 

We met Jana in Kamila Knows Best; she was Kamila’s rival. In the previous book, Jana returns home pregnant with no intention of marrying the baby’s father. Jana’s situation was quite the scandal, and everyone (including me) wanted to know the juicy details of what happened between Jana and this mystery man. Farah did not disappoint me with this book. I enjoyed Jana’s story. Farah hooks us in right from the very beginning. The first chapter has Jana and Anil starting this new relationship, but things take a turn for the worse when Jana finds out that Anil is still married. Things become even more complicated when Jana finds out she is pregnant. The next chapter is five years later, and Anil and Jana have mastered co-parenting Imani. I loved how Jana and Anil put their differences aside and put their daughter’s needs first. They created this wonderful loving environment for their daughter (who is adorable.). It was a great example of healthy co-parenting and how families often come in all shapes and sizes. 

Jana is Kamila’s opposite in almost every imaginable way. Jana is reserved, quiet, and a bit prickly at times, whereas Kamila has this larger-than-life personality and really is the life of the party. I liked Jana as a character, she has worked hard for everything in her life, and even though she can come across as a bit prickly, she truly has a heart of gold. I loved watching her navigate through various relationships in her life. Connecting with people doesn’t come naturally to her, but she really does try, and those closest to her know that.  

If you are a fan of second-chance romances, then you will love this book. Jana has not forgiven Anil for lying to her about being married. She has made it her goal not to be in the same room as him, which she has been pretty successful at, thanks to co-parenting apps and her mom taking over pick-ups. It is obvious that Anil still has feelings for Jana, and he wants to have a relationship with Jana. The tension and chemistry between these two just leap from the pages, and when they pretend to be in a relationship, things only heat up more between them. It was wonderful watching Jana slowly start to let go of her resentment and hurt feelings towards Anil. Their love second chance love story has a slow-burn feel, and I loved the ending. 

Jana Goes Wild is a fun and addictive rom-com!

Thank you, Forever, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.