Review by Veronica

As for Silas, Tess knew how he operated. The man was full of smooth lines and charm and yes, intense smolders. And he handed them out to nearly every female for free. Most women found him difficult to resist because he had one of those chiseled handsome faces, not to mention blue eyes full of mischief and thick dark hair with an unkempt wave-who wouldn’t want to run their hands through hair like that?

But Tess prided herself on not being most women.

Betting on a Good Luck Cowboy is an easy and breezy cowboy romp that you can’t help but enjoy. 

For widow Tess Valdez, there are two things keeping her husband’s memory alive: her daughters and the ranch he loved. And Tess has thrown herself into caring for both. But when the wild horses that roam her land are threatened, Tess seizes the opportunity to become their advocate—and finds a new purpose that is hers alone. She expects resistance from some of the locals, but what she doesn’t anticipate is needing the one man she can’t have by her side…

No one understands Tess’s pain better than SEAL Silas Beck. He lost his best friend on the battlefield, and he’s spent every day since living up to the promise he’d made Jace to take care of the family he left behind. Falling for Tess was never supposed to happen, and Silas knows he should leave for both of their sakes—but he can’t say no when she asks him for one last favor. Even if staying means confronting feelings they’d both rather ignore . . . 

Don’t you love it when you start a book and sink right into its story? While reading this book, I found the world around me just disappearing, and I ended up reading most of this book in one sitting. If you are a cowboy romance fan, you will want to add this one to your collection. This is one of those romances where you know roughly the journey the two main characters are going to take, and you know what the ending will look like, and for me, that isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes I love reading books that don’t require anything from me. I can sit there and read without over-analyzing what is happening in the book. Betting on the Good Luck Cowboy is one of those books that you can just read and enjoy a really good romance story. 

I loved being on Tess’s farm and spending time with the horses there. Sara did a great job at painting this lush and vibrant setting, and it had me wanting to grab my cowboy boots and head out into the country. The characters are all wonderful, and it was easy to connect with them. I love Tess and her journey of learning to live again after losing her husband. At the beginning of the book, Tess knows she is ready to get back out there and even start dating again, but it’s hard when some feel she should still be playing the role of the grieving widow. 

The romance between Tess and Silas is a wonderful mix of friends to lovers, forbidden romance, and even a little bit of second chances. These two have an unexpected one-night stand at the beginning of the book. They both agree it was a mistake and pretend it will never happen again. The only problem is that Tess and Silas have had these growing feelings for each other, and they are finding it harder and harder to just be friends. I like everything about these two. There was enough tension and chemistry to keep me interested, and I believe these two would make a great couple. 

Betting on the Good Luck Cowboy is a heartwarming romance. 

Thank you, Forever Publishing, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.