Review by Veronica

Series Name: Laird for the Isles, # 3 

Eilidh suppressed a smile. The man walking alongside her– Mr. Maximilian Wood– was bristling with indignation, and not even attempting to hide it. When Isabella had introduced them just now his bow had been stiff and shallow, clearly demonstrating he was suffering from the effects of wounded pride. Elildh stole a look at him, noting how tall he was, and how handsome. His eyes were the same dark brown as his sister’s– strange how much more compelling they were in a man’s visage. 

A Laird for the Highland Lady is a lovely historical fiction book and a good ending to Catherine’s Laird for the Isles series. 

Becoming a laird

…worthy of the Highland lady?

After an unexpected encounter with Eilidh MacDonald, Max Wood thinks this shockingly beautiful woman is unlike anyone he’s ever met! Working to restore the Scottish estate long neglected by his family, Max is achieving more than he thought possible. As a carefree second son, he’s never considered marriage—until now… But is shaking off his decadent persona enough to win the flame-haired lady who’s captured his heart? 

I’ve enjoyed this series so far. Catherine has created this world full of genuine and real characters with stories that stay with you. This is one of those rare romance books that you really do need to read the previous book in the series to understand what is going on. The first half of this book takes place during the events of the previous book, A Laird in London. We get to see Angus and Isabella’s love story unfold through the eyes of Max and Eilidh. We also get to see Max and Eilidh’s relationship start to bloom slowly. I sort of like this storytelling technique. It was interesting seeing how others viewed the previous book’s events, and I could clearly see that there were sparks between Max and Eilidh, so it was great getting to spend more time with these characters. But I did find the first part of this book drag at times, and I wanted to get to the part where we see what happens after the events of A Laird in London. Max and Eilidh are delightful and fabulous characters. I loved seeing what they were thinking and watching as they slowly got to know each other. Their relationship is a fabulous mixture of slow burn and forced proximity.   

A Laird for the Highland Lady is filled with great characters and a love story that is easy to get lost in. 

Thank you, Harlequin and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.