Review by Veronica

“You used to dance. In the kitchen of our apartment, before you moved our to live with Mason. You would have the music so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think. You’d spin in circles, singing the lyrics of whatever was playing. I always wondered how you could be so upbeat after a long day of work.” 

With her eyes still closed, the bright sun warming her face, Lauren tried to connect with her former self, but she was coming up empty, her brain clouded with too much from the last year to summon anything that had transpired before. “I miss that person,” she admitted. 

“She’s still there, “ Andy said.

 Kindness fills every page of this wonderful, heartwarming romance.

After the loss of her fiancé a year ago, event planner Lauren Sutton can’t seem to go on with her choice of career or the life she’d built with her fiancé any longer. Floundering emotionally, she makes a snap decision to sell her half of the business and spend the summer among the sand dunes and changing tides of the Outer Banks, taking care of an old inn in Rodanthe, North Carolina with its elderly owner Mary Everett.

Perhaps the salty breezes of the Atlantic and the warmth of summer sun on her face will help her find her direction. What she doesn’t expect to find is a story hidden away in a string of sea glass that will change her life forever.

And complicating things is local fisherman Brody Harrison. All she’d wanted was to sink her toes in the sand and let the coastal breeze calm her aching heart. But Brody shakes up her plan in ways she’d never imagined. 

Jenny never fails to disappoint me. She is a master at creating a story that touches your soul and often leaves you feeling happy and believing in the power of happily ever afters. The Magic of Sea Glass had a slightly faster pace than Jenny’s other novels. A lot is going on in this book. Lauren finds herself planning a wedding in a very short time; she also is helping with the renovations at Mary’s Inn and dealing with the feelings of grief that seem to crop up at any moment. I enjoyed the business of this book. Lauren’s character is amazing at what she does, and I loved watching her in her element and taking charge of all the stuff going on at the inn. If you are a fan of home reno shows or wedding shows, then you will love this book. I love watching a space transformed into something gorgeous, and this book just hit the spot for me regarding those home makeover events. 

Once again, Jenny transports her readers to a lush and unforgettable setting. I loved exploring the small community of Rodanthe, located in North Carolina. I felt like I got to feel the sand between my toes and the sun on my face. It was a wonderful place to escape to for a few hours. All the characters in this book were likeable, and I enjoyed spending time with them. Lauren is a great main character; watching her start to find herself again was heartwarming. Throughout this book, Lauren struggles with her grief of losing her fiancée. The flashbacks Lauren has about her time with her fiancée brought me close to tears, and I felt Lauren’s emotions leap from the pages every time her grief took over. 

The romance in this story is as sweet as you expect from a Jenny Hale novel. Brody is an absolute sweetheart, and I loved his happy-go-lucky attitude towards life. It was amazing how attuned he was to Lauren and her emotions. I loved their conversations and those quiet moments between them. Their chemistry felt real, and I really enjoyed these two as a couple. 

The Magic of Sea Glass is a charming feel good romance that will warm up your heart this spring. 

Thank you, Harpeth Road, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.