Review by Veronica

Series Name: The Jane Austen Vacation Club, #2  

He opens the door, and I peek inside. It’s full. Only one seat left on the front row—the two seater row in front, and Cowboy Hottie has his arm draped across the back of the seat.

“Howdy, darlin’,” he says, then he leans over and lowers his voice so I’m the only one who can hear him.

I grit my teeth and climb into the van. Once more, we’re sitting next to each other, except this time, there’s not an inch of space between us.

And this time, I know who he is. He’s not a random, cute cowboy.

He’s my archenemy.

My rival.

He stretches out his hand. “Ryder Hawk, at your service.”

Regency Therapy is a fun addictive romance with rugged cowboys and plenty of swoony moments.

My publisher invited me to attend an all-expenses paid writing retreat at the posh new Hartfield Regency Resort in Loveland, Colorado. Carole isn’t nice like that—there must be a catch.


There is. His name is Ryder Hawk, the outlaw leader of the all-male Western writers who work for the same publishing company. He thinks he’s agreed to attend an all-expenses-paid week at a dude ranch.


Yeah, no. Carole has other ideas. She wants to break into the cowboy romance market. If I want to renew my writing contract, I have to do more than put up with Ryder and his gang of cowboy cronies for a week. We have to write together.
The problem is, Ryder and I have a history.

And it’s more like war than peace. 

Holey moley, this book was so good!! I could not and did not want to put it down. I was rather mad that I had to be an adult and go to work because it meant that I couldn’t finish this book in one sitting. Fans and writers of romance books will fall in love with this unique and delightful story. Lucy, the main heroine of this story, is a Regency romance author on her way to a writing retreat with fellow romance authors. Things take an unexpected turn when Lucy and her friends find themselves sharing the resort and the writing retreat with ruggedly good-looking cowboys who are Western authors. 

I loved, loved, loved this story. It was fun, swoony, and just so addictive. First, I must gush about Lucy and Ryder’s fast-paced, witty banter. It reminded me of the banter that takes place on Gilmore Girls. It’s fun, sharp, and so delightful to read. Lucy and Ryder really keep each other on their toes. It was also a lot of fun watching these romance writers try and teach these cowboys about different romance tropes and how to write a swoony romantic scene. Their discussion reminded me of when my book club talks about all things romance. It’s just fun talking about everyone’s favourite tropes and what makes our hearts beat faster. The pacing in this story was perfect! Everything moves along at a steady pace. I just felt so invested in Lucy’s story. 

Lucy and Ryder’s relationship is swoonastic. God Lord, Ryder really knows how to turn on that cowboy charm, and the way he flirts with Lucy just had me feeling all those wonderful, lovey dovey feelings. There was just something so perfect about these two. The sparks just go off between these two right from the very beginning, and that chemistry is so delicious. I loved their enemies-to-lovers love story, and watching as they battle it out at the retreat was funny, swoony, and just flawless. Now their relationship has its bumps, and at the end of the book Ryder really has to get on his knees and grovel for forgiveness. His grand gesture at the end was endearing and the perfect way to end the story.

I adore everything about this book and highly recommend that any romance bookworms add Regency Therapy to their book collection. 

Thank you, Austenprose, for sending us the ARC in exchange for an honest review.