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Bree found it much easier to look at the other men—they were all very easy on the eyes—than it was to focus on the tall, broad figure of Flint Decker, standing at Jackson’s right. He was in his camp T-shirt and jeans, and he had his hat on, because of course he had his hat on. She was also conscious that he was staring at her, which made something she didn’t like flutter uncomfortably in her stomach, reminding her of that first day of camp years ago, when he’d been introduced by Bill as a counselor and she’d realized that he was the cop who’d arrested her.

The Comeback Cowboy is a nice easy breezy romance that will sweep you off your cowboy booted feet. 

The alumni of Camp Phoenix, a summer program for at-risk youth, went their separate ways, but now they’ve been called back to help the camp reopen for a new crop of kids. Now successful adults, the four women pledge to restore the grounds to their former glory, if long-standing rivalries and old flames don’t get in the way first…

Bree White fought hard to get away from her criminal family and all of the reminders of her past until Sheriff Flint Decker brings all those feelings back and more. Attorney Violet Cook owes her life to Camp Phoenix and is determined to save the camp…but who’s going to save her from the temptation of long-time crush US Marshal Lincoln Traeger? Kinley Parker never left Camp Phoenix, dedicating her life to it, and has no time for pushy cowboys like Jackson Hart until butting heads leads to sparks. The daughter of the camp’s founder. Clementine McClain has always wanted to follow in her law-abiding father’s footsteps, but her father’s protégé and former bad boy Duke Cody has her breaking all the rules.  

I like this book; it was a lot of fun to read. It’s been a while since I read a cowboy romance. I read them all the time, and I really can’t think why I stopped reading them. The Comeback Cowboy is four mini novellas written by four authors and put together in one large book. All these novellas are connected to create this bigger story. Each story focuses on different characters who are volunteering at Camp Phoenix. I was pleasantly surprised at how all these stories came together so seamlessly. If I hadn’t known that four authors wrote each story, I would have thought the same author wrote each novella. Their writing styles were so similar. If you are looking for an authentic cowboy romance that takes place on a farm with horses, then you might be disappointed with this book. The leading men in this story all have that cowboy feel to them, but that’s about it in terms of any Western feel to the story.

Each mini-story focuses on two characters who, of course, fall in love. The main overarching story is all of these characters have returned to Camp Phoenix to help get it up and running for the upcoming camping season. They will be volunteering their time as camp counsellors for the summer. Each character has spent a part of their teen years at the camp, and they realize how important it is to help ensure that the camp can keep running because of how much it helps at-risk teens. 

Each story is a novella, meaning things move quickly between the characters. All the stories have a terrific enemy to lovers or forced proximity feel to them. I loved the witty banter and antics that went on between the couples when they were fighting. In each story, the heroines try to steal something of importance from their male counterparts. Of course, the would-be heists never work out, often resulting in the couples having sex. In terms of spice, these books fall in that middle range. The scenes aren’t overly graphic, but it isn’t a closed-door romance. 

The Comeback Cowboy is a fun country romp that will make you smile. 

Thank you, Harlequin Trading Publishing, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.