Review by Veronica

He moved then. Slid himself along the seat until there was no more than an inch between them. Their knees knocked, and it took all her concentration not to inhale the scent of soap and clean cotton. Of him. The scent was something so familiar and yet so unknown that it was as terrifying as it was exciting.

If you are looking for a quick romance romp then you might want to check out Bound by a Sicilian Secret.

Flora Bick once strayed from her carefully scripted life and lost herself in the uninhibited kisses of a stranger. Overwhelmed, she fled his bed and returned to her risk-free existence. Now, he’s found her and together they discover the unimaginable—she’s pregnant!

Demanding Flora accompany him to Sicily, Raffaele Russo finally reveals his vast wealth—and his determination to give their child the stable upbringing he never had. But for the time being, their secret remains theirs alone, and it will bind them even closer than their ever-present desire… 

I do love reading Harlequin books because I always find that they are a great way to escape the world for a couple of hours. I usually stick to historical Harlequin books, but when we were asked to be a part of this book tour, I decided to dip my toe in the contemporary Harlequin world. This book really is a quick and easy read. I finished in a couple of hours, and for the most part, I enjoyed it. You will like this book if you love books with gorgeous billionaire main characters, a hidden pregnancy, and a breathtaking setting. I like the story, it did feel a bit rushed at times, but I think it had to be rushed because this book is a novella, and there isn’t room to dwell on scenes. 

The romance in this book is insta lust and forced proximity. Flora and Raffaele hook up within minutes of meeting each other, and the result of that one-night stand is a pregnancy. I liked these two together and enjoyed watching their relationship grow. There is plenty of sexual tension between these two, and if you like your romance books with a bit more spice, then this book might be for you. 

Bound by a Sicilian Secret is an easy breezy contemporary romance read. 

Thank you, Harlequin and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.