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“Bobby Kingsley was fascinating. He didn’t use that word lightly. In fact, Lawrence liked to think that usually, he didn’t use any words lightly. He chose them carefully, for whatever purpose he required them to serve. Explain. Define. Destroy even, something. Precision, and care, were two factors in success, and two very important parts of who Lawrence was. So no, he didn’t use the word fascinate lightly. 

He used it, because he meant it. He meant that he found Bobby Kingsley enchanting. Spellbinding. Bewitching. He meant that he felt as if he was under some witch’s spell when she was around—actually, he’d felt like that all day.”

 The Viscount’s Daring Miss is an absolutely delightful and addictive read. 

Rivalry leads to passion in 1830s England

May the best viscount or miss…


When her best friend and employer is injured, groom Roberta “Bobby” Kinsley feels compelled to help him. She agrees to step into the saddle and compete in an endurance horse race to help secure his ancestral home. Yet the minute that Bobby comes face-to-face with her opponent—arrogant yet infuriatingly charismatic Lawrence, Viscount Hayes—it’s clear that it won’t just be the competition that has her heart racing!  

When I heard that Lotte was departing from gothic romances, I was curious to see what direction in her writing she would take. All I have to say is that she created a fun, spicy, adventurous romance romp that I could not put down. I loved that although Lotte went into this different writing direction, this book still has that intellectual and emotional depth I expect from Lotte’s books. This was just such an enjoyable read and left me feeling so content. 

There is a quicker pace to this story. For most of the book, we are on this big horse race with Bobby and Lawrence. These two are racing across England to win an incredibly important prize to them. Lawrence is this uptight and reserved Viscount, and to say that he isn’t impressed that he will be racing Bobby, a woman, is a bit of an understatement. It was great being with these two characters as they battle the elements and race against each other. These two are polar opposites, and watching them compete was a lot of fun. What made this race that much more delicious was that they were both falling in love with each other and had no idea what to do with these newfound feelings they were having. There are twists and turns and plenty of passion in this grand adventure. 

Bobby was a different kind of heroine. She feels so much and doesn’t hold back when expressing her feelings. This means she often is quick to lose her temper, show her excitement, or often act upon that lustful feeling she feels for Lawrence. I really liked her. She is intelligent and compassionate, and I love how she tells it like it is. She doesn’t hold back. Her passion for horses and following her dreams leaps from the pages, and you can’t help but root for her. Lawrence was Bobby’s opposite in almost every way. He is seen as being quiet, reserved and cold. It was great watching as Bobby brought out those hidden feelings Lawrence had. All of their interactions were addictive to read. I loved it when they were fighting, comforting each other, confessing those dark secrets, or just quietly sitting together. Every moment between these two felt right. 

If you like your romances on the spicier side of things, this book will be for you. There is lots of banging in this book, LOL, which is quite different from Lotte’s previous books, which tended to be on the tamer side. I loved everything about these two characters, and their romance was delicious. I always adore good forced proximity enemies-to-lovers romance, and this book just delivered that for me. Bobby and Lawrence’s relationship has this great balance of deeper emotional moments and those fun, spicy moments.  

I cannot wait to see what Lotte writes next. 

The Viscount’s Daring Miss is a fun, swoony romance adventure romp and a perfect way to escape the world for a few hours. 

Thank you, Harlequin Historical and Rachel Random Resources, the ARC, in exchange for an honest review.