Review by Veronica

“His touch was warm and firm; apparently she wanted to hold on longer than was appropriate. And as her eyes found his again, something weird was happening within. She had only felt this feeling once before, the night she had meet Mitchell.”

Under a Greek Sun is the perfect escapist romance read. 

Eve Collins is looking forward to the holidays.

Her job as a counsellor has been as taxing as it has been rewarding, and she can’t wait for some downtime on the Greek island of Corfu with best-friend, Gabby. But between Eve’s brother, Ben, unexpectedly joining and Gabby’s job at the animal rescue centre keeping her busy, Eve might have to start mucking in…

When Gianni arrives in the village of Episkepsi, it’s like a model has stepped straight off the pages of Vogue Italia… with an uptight personality to match. He may be super-sexy but there are obvious chips on those broad shoulders.

As Eve and Gianni get to know each other and both start to lean into the Greek customs and avrio mentality, an initial attraction starts to turn into something more. But with so much family drama in both their lives, neither of them were looking for a holiday romance… 

This book was an absolute dream to read. It just took me back to my trip to Greece, making me want to pack my bags and head back there again. Mandy did a great job transporting her readers to Corfu and Verona. I felt like I could feel that warm ocean breeze on my face and smell all that delicious food being cooked. It just helped satisfy that travel itch I’ve been feeling lately. I loved getting to explore Corfu and Verona with Eve and Gianni. I have also added Verona to the places I must visit list. 

I loved the overall story. It was so interesting getting to spend time with Gabby and Pan at the animal sanctuary farm in Corfu. All the quirky animals were delightful and added some fabulous comic relief. Because Eve wasn’t spending time in traditional touristy areas, we got to interact with locals in Episkepsi, which was a hoot at times. There was a surprising amount of drama and twists in this book, and I enjoyed all of it. I also loved that all that drama didn’t weigh down the overall story. There is plenty of family drama in this, and some of it deals with more challenging issues, such as addictions, gambling, grief, and infidelity. I thought Mandy did a great job addressing these issues and showing readers how complex they can be. 

I just adored everything about Eve and Gianni’s love story. There is something so wonderful about a vacation love story. Not only are we getting swept away by the beauty of the location, but we also get all those warm fuzzy feelings from the love blooming between the two main characters. Eve and Gianni just click for me. I felt their chemistry leaping from the pages and loved watching them explore Corfu and Verona together. 

Under a Greek Sun is a fun and fabulous romance book and a wonderful addition to anyone’s book collection.

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.