Review by Veronica

This doesn’t just happen. Gorgeous men don’t fall into the shop you’re working in and sweep you off your feet—not in real life, anyway. And yet I feel distinctly unstable and like my legs are metaphorically going from under me. He’s perfect. And perfect men like him don’t exist, so there must be a catch. His words make my stomach roll and goose bumps rise all over my body

 The Little Bookshop of Love Stories is the book of my bookworm dreams!

Today is the Mondayest Monday ever. Hallie Winstone has been fired – and it wasn’t even her fault!

Having lost her job and humiliated herself in front of a whole restaurant full of diners, this is absolutely, one hundred percent, the worst day of her life.

That is until she receives an email announcing that she is the lucky winner of the Once Upon a Page Bookshop!

Owning a bookshop has always been Hallie’s dream, and when she starts to find secret love letters on the first pages of every book, she knows she’s stumbled across something special.

Things get even better when she meets gorgeous, bookish Dimitri and between them, they post a few of the hidden messages online, reuniting people who thought they were lost forever.

But maybe it’s time for Hallie to find her own happy-ever-after, too? 

If you are looking for that “pick me up” book, you should try The Little Bookshop of Love Stories. This book filled my heart with so much joy and happiness. I felt like I was being wrapped in this warm cozy blanket. There is so much to love about this story, the delightful characters, all the wonderful book references, and the fact it takes place in a charming bookshop. I love the sweet, quirky humour that exists in this book. You really cannot help but laugh at the clumsiness of Hallie or Dimitri, which often leads to embarrassing situations, or Heathcliff, the goldfish who has a thing for some of the local dogs that walk by his window. Everything about this book oozes those feel-good vibes. 

As you all know, I love a story where a smart and fabulous woman takes over or starts her own business. Getting to watch Hallie breathe new life into Once Upon a Page was right up my alley. Of course, there is the big soulless developer that wants to tear down the bookshop, and Hallie and Dimitri have to work together to make the shop a success again. Their excitement and passion just leapt from the pages, and I found myself quickly rooting for them. It was a lot of fun watching things unfold. 

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories is a love letter to bookworms. Could you imagine winning your very own bookshop? I am pretty sure I would die of absolute happiness. There are so many fabulous book references and discussions that take place in this story. I became so absorbed in what was happening that, without realizing it, I started to add in my thoughts, book recommendations, or bookish memories. I felt like a wonderful bookish community surrounded me. My heart burst at the seams when Hallie and Dimitri started to search and collect the books with messages written in them. I adored this idea of a book’s history and learning about who owned and read these books. The whole book messages aspects of this story added a lot of emotional depth and richness. 

Hallie and Dimitri are the perfect main characters for this story. They are true bookworms and kindred spirits. I lost count of the times that either Hallie or Dimitri talked about why books and reading were special or important to them—those moments just resonated with me. I just felt that deep personal connection with them. These two are utterly adorable, and I just fell head over heels in love with them. Dimitri is that perfect bookish boyfriend. That fabulous man had me smiling and swoony throughout this book. The kindness and thoughtfulness he showed Hallie were just delightful. Hallie and Dimitri have this sweet friends to lovers, slow-burn chemistry going on between them. There were so many “will they, won’t they” moments between them. I had to keep on reading to see if they would finally kiss! Watching these two fall in love in the bookstore while talking about their favourite books was so romantic. 

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories is a book that is just so darn easy to love.