Review by Veronica

“Lizzie was about to argue, when she was distracted by the sight of Simon entering the marquee. This time, there was no escaping it, her heart really did respond to seeing him.”

Finding Love at Roseford Blooms is a lovely story about finding out what makes you truly happy. 

After a rough year, the last place Lizzie Warner wants to be is Roseford. It may be a picture-postcard country idyll, but for Lizzie it will always hold difficult memories from her past. But when the alternative to staying with her Aunt Bee, owner of Roseford Blooms, is moving back in with her controlling parents – well, the choice is easy. Simon Treloar was born and raised to be the Lord of the Manor, but now he’s had to hand over his beloved Roseford Hall to a heritage charity, he begins to question his usefulness. Can he find a way to make his mark, or is it better to walk away from generations of history and strike out on his own? When Lizzie and Simon meet, they recognise kindred spirits in each other. But with both questioning their futures, can one magical summer in Roseford help Lizzie and Simon move on from what is holding them back? Or is there too much history on both sides for them ever truly to be happy together? Escape to the country with Fay Keenan’s latest warm-hearted romance, perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Cathy Bramley and Jo Bartlett. 

I was excited to return to the tiny community of Roseford. I’ve read the two previous books that were set in this village and just fell in love with the place. Finding Love at Roseford Blooms is set two years after the last book. This story follows Lizzie and Simon. This is the first time we meet Lizzie, who is going through a rough patch in her life and decides to spend time with her Aunt Bee. We have met Simon in the previous books, he is the Lord of the Manor, and in this book, he is trying to figure out what he should be doing next in his life. One of the reasons why I was so keen on picking up this book was because of Simon. I fell in love with his character in the previous books and was excited to read his love story. There was just something about him that captured your attention and your heart. 

Overall I enjoyed this book. Simon and Lizzie’s love story was everything I hoped it would be. One of the things I love about Fay’s books is that they have that charming English romance vibe, but at the same time, she weaves a lot of depth and realness into the characters, which makes for a richer and more heartfelt reading experience. Nothing comes easy for these characters. They struggle, go through heartache, and sometimes make some pretty tough decisions. As a reader, I was too able to empathize with them. The story itself has a great flow to it. For the most part, it has this wonderful, slow, sweet pace, but there are moments when things take an expected turn, and you find yourself turning the page because you want to know what will happen next. 

This book focuses a lot on family dynamics and family expectations. Lizzie has a strained relationship with her parents and sister. They all expect her to act a certain way, and it’s pretty stifling for Lizzie. The main focus for Lizzie’s growth is learning to break free of her family and to start living her life the way she wants to. Watching her stand up for herself and stop doubting her abilities was wonderful. Simon’s character struggles with the weight of trying not to let the family legacy fall to shambles. In the previous books, he had to sell most of the family estate to the BHF, and now he is left trying to co-run the estate with this government organization. Simon’s internal struggle shows how much pressure we put on ourselves. I love how both characters’ major hurdles in this book centred around family. It was interesting to see different family dynamics and how tricky it can be to navigate family relations. 

Simon and Lizzie are quite similar to each other. They both were bullied as kids in school, have that natural caring and sweet personality, and are trying to figure out what they should be doing with their lives. Both characters were so good for each other. They provided that support system and love they both craved and needed. Their relationship was sweet and even a bit spicy. I loved how there wasn’t an insta love to their relationship. They took the time to get to know each other and build that foundation before jumping into bed. 

Finding Love at Roseford Blooms is a beautiful romance with characters that are easy to fall in love with. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.