Review by Veronica

She suddenly stopped crying and narrowing her eyes, she studied the man next to her. “It’s you,” she said. No wonder the man had looked at her funny, she realized. She might not have instantly clocked his identity, but he had hers. “Is this payback for the other night?” she asked, inching away from him. “Did you run me over on purpose?”

Love on the Run is a fun fabulous rom-com that will leave a smile on your face. 

Ten years after their divorce, this is the first time Hannah’s ex-husband has had the kids for more than a weekend. Her calendar is gloriously blank, ready to be filled with some self-care time.

That is, until Hannah’s BFFs push her to join them in a charity race for which she’ll need to start training—after all, she’s not doing anything else.

And her mum nags her to have Aunt Dorothy over for a visit.

So much for me-time . . .

However, Hannah’s not in tip-top shape, and running is a challenge to say the least. Maybe Gabe, the nice-looking personal trainer, can help with that? The more Hannah struggles, the more determined she becomes. But then Hannah is tripped up when she finds out Gabe has a shocking secret. Does this mean he will be out of the running for a place in her heart? 

This book makes me want to grab my running shoes and go jogging. I just felt so motivated after reading it. Love on the Run was precisely what I hoped it would be: a light, easy breezy romance read. I sat down one afternoon and read this book in one sitting. I laughed, I swooned, and I fell in love with all the characters. The story is very typical for a romance book. You have your meet-cute moments between the two main characters, a close-knit group of friends, and a challenge the heroine must overcome. There aren’t many heavy topics or moments in this book. Suzie touches briefly on grief, but it does so positively that I didn’t feel emotionally drained after reading this book. It is just a nice, fun, charming story. 

I loved Hannah! She was a great main character in this book. I could relate to her struggle when it came to running. I tend to trip on my own feet when I run. Hannah has realized that she has focused solely on caring for her kids and hasn’t done anything for herself. It was wonderful being on this journey with Hannah as she started to take some time for herself and realize she could be a mother while still pursuing her dreams. Her relationship with Gabe starts out pretty rocky, and when Gabe starts to train Hannah, she thinks he is trying to kill her. But as these two spend more time together, the sparks between them get harder and harder to ignore. This book is great for those looking for a story that isn’t overly romance-y. There are not a lot of romantic moments, but they don’t overwhelm the overall story, which mainly focuses on Hannah and her training for this marathon.  

Love on the Run is perfect for bookworms who love Portia MacIntosh and Maxine Morrey’s books. 

Thank you, Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.