Review by Veronica

Series Name: The Glenbriar Series, # 1  

Her fingertips brushed over her lips. Weird, really, how well she remembered that kiss and the promise of where it might lead. She normally would have dreamed of behaving like that with a guest, but there had been something about him. Something she now knew had been fake. Good but fake. And she’d do well to remember that.

Stolen Kisses at the Loch View Hotel is a full chock-full of fun, romance, and delicious drama. 

One hotel. One week. And a secret that could change everything.

Ever-optimistic Briony Dalgleish has watched her dreams evaporate. Now, the only way to save her beautiful hotel in the Scottish Highlands is to sell up. In desperation, she agrees to a deal with an American businessman, but when his representative arrives, Briony recognises him as someone she’d rather forget.

American sci-fi geek Zach Somerton is on a last-ditch mission to redeem himself after an epic business fail. If he messes up this time, his career is over. But Scotland’s like another planet, and Zach’s facing crazy locals, bizarre legends, and a woman who’s out of this world. When his boss forbids him to reveal to Briony the real reason he’s at the Loch View Hotel, Zach’s loyalty is tested to the limit.

Forced to work together, Briony and Zach investigate the hotel’s murky past and face up to their own. But getting too close could end their careers. Can Briony and Zach find a way to let in love? Or will secrets and lies crush their chance of happiness? 

Stolen Kisses at the Lock View Hotel checks off all the boxes that make a good romance. The story is interesting, the setting is lush, the romance is steamy, and the heroine is smart and capable. I enjoy a good story about trying to save a struggling business. There is no better feeling than rooting for the underdog in a story. Briony’s dreams and passion for her hotel just leapt from the pages, and you really can’t help but get excited about this business’ potential. Her passion is so palpable that even prickly Zach starts to see all possibilities and even adds in his own ideas. The whole business side of this story added in this mystery element which I wasn’t expecting. As a reader, I found myself trying to figure out the real motive for buying this hotel for this American businessman, especially when Zach starts to uncover some of the histories of this place. 

I loved Briony right from the moment I met her. She is endearing, and I just wanted her business to succeed. On the other hand, I wasn’t too fond of Zach at the beginning. He is abrupt, rude, and prickly. I love a good grumpy sunshine trope, but Zach’s character didn’t click with me right away. But the more time I spent with him, the more he grew on me. You just have to peel back those layers to get to the gooey soft inside. I adored the scene where Zach makes a new friend. I love a good bromance. 

There is just a cornucopia of tropes in this book. There is second-chance, fake dating, forced proximity, and grumpy and sunshine, and all of these tropes come together to create this swoony and drama-filled love story. Briony and Zach met years ago, and both could feel the sparks between them, but when Briony learned that Zach only kissed her because of a bet, she stormed off in anger. Now, these two find themselves thrown back together for a week when Zach comes to the hotel to do some investigating for his boss. Things become even more complicated when Briony’s ex-husband arrives at the hotel. If you like romance stories filled with many ups and downs and drama, you will enjoy the love story between Briony and Zach. Watching it unfold was so much fun, and the ending was really satisfying.  

Stolen Kisses at the Lock View Hotel is a fun, fast, easy-to-love romance story. 

Thank you, Rachel Random Resources, the ARC in exchange for an honest review.