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Series Name: Shieldmaiden Sister, # 3  

A strange prickle of awareness ran down Helga’s spine, like a raindrop sliding down her skin. It was unexpected but not unpleasant, as if her ancestors were calling out to her, begging her to listen. 

It didn’t take her a long time to find out why. A very handsome and formidable man was staring at her from across the square. 

Everything faded. The noise of the market, the voice of the craftsman, even the autumn light seemed suddenly dull compared to the vibrancy of the man watching her.

Beguiling Her Enemy Warrior is the final installment in the Shieldmaiden Sister series and trust me, readers, it does not disappoint.

 Captured by the infamous Lord Rhys, a Welsh prince intent on revenge against her family, Viking healer Helga must keep her wits about her if she’s to be freed. Easier said than done when she desires him rather than fears him! Helga senses there’s good inside Rhys and feels compelled to reach his heart. But first, she must make him see there’s more to her than just his enemy…  

I’ve been waiting not so patiently for Helga’s story. I felt that instant connection with her when I met her back in the first book in the series. So, I was super excited to read a book centred around her. Now, before you go diving into this book, you will need to read the previous two books in the series. Everything is connected, and the story builds off each book, and you will have a hard time keeping up with what is happening if you don’t have all that background information. Beguiling Her Enemy Warrior takes place during the same period of time that Tempted by Her Outcast Viking (the second book of the series) occurs. For those who need a quick refresher of what happened during the second book, Helga is kidnapped by Lord Rhys, who will only return Helga to her family when his sister is returned to him. Brynhild and Erik set out to find Rhy’s sister, only to discover that she has fallen in love with her protector and no longer wants to return home. Things were even more complicated when Ulf and his army set out to wage war on Lord Rhys and his people. In this book, we see what happens to Helga when Rhys kidnaps her.

This is my favourite book in the series. It was the perfect epic and romantic conclusion to an unputdownable book series. Lucy did an excellent job at bringing together all the previous stories and characters and building us up for this final conflict. The story and pacing of this book are similar to the first book in the series. It’s fast-paced and filled with lots of battles. I really could not put it down. Lucy is a fantastic storyteller. I am always amazed at all the thoughts and details she puts into her stories, characters, and the historical world she has created. It makes reading her books such an enjoyable experience. I loved the direction she took Helga’s story in. It had everything I wanted: romance, battles, forced proximity, and breathtaking settings. It was just woven together so beautifully. 

Helga’s romance with Rhys was everything I could have ever wanted. These two have this perfect destiny/enemies-to-lovers romance going on. I soaked up every exchange, glance, conversation, and moment these two had together. Their dialogue was smart and compelling. I needed to keep reading because I wanted to see how their relationship would progress. Helga is a different heroine than her two sisters. She isn’t a warrior by nature; her strength doesn’t come from her ability to wield a sword or gain victory on the battlefield. Instead, her strength is quiet and steady. She is the healer in the group and has this wonderful ability to see the good in others. Despite what others may think, she is clever, and I loved that Rhys saw who she was right from the moment he met her.

Beguiling Her Enemy Warrior is a stunning conclusion to a romance series that I would read again and again. 

Thank you, Harlequin Historical and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.