And then a jolt of awareness sent her blood racing.

Only one man had eyes like that, but that man had disappeared eight winters ago. He’d walked out of her life without even saying goodbye.

It couldn’t be, could it?

Raedan, her Raedan, had died.

Getting ready to get swept into this epic historical love story.

Once, Lady Rebekah shared a life-changing night with stable hand Rædan, but he disappeared the morning after. Now she’s consort to a cruel Saxon lord, and when Northmen lay siege to Ryestone Keep, Rebekah’s shocked to see Rædan leading the charge! This Viking warrior is not the man she remembers…and yet she finds herself drawn to him again. Taken as his hostage, Rebekah must decide—can she trust him with her life…and her dangerous secret? 

I do enjoy a good historical romance! One Night with Her Viking Warrior is a story you can easily get lost in for hours. This story starts with a bang; we are thrown into a battle scene between the Saxons and the Northmen. Beginning the book like this was a great way to hook readers in. The action and that fast-paced storyline made me want to turn the page to find out what happened next. The history and chemistry between Rebekah and Raedan captured my attention. They are such dynamic characters. It was so easy to become invested in their journey. There was this wonderful balance between these epic battle scenes and the love story between Rebekah and Raedan. They both work beautifully together to move the story along in an entertaining and captivating manner. The story is full of betrayal, battles, secrets, adventure, love, and lust. Everything works together to create this entertaining and captivating story that you won’t soon forget.

I’ve always enjoyed Sarah’s writing. She creates these beautiful characters that often have tragic and complex backstories. Your heart instantly goes to them, and you find yourself rooting for them as the story progresses. Raedan is the gorgeous, broody warrior with a heart of gold under that gruff exterior. I fell in love with that man when I watched him interact with Rebekah’s daughter. He was such a cuddly, goofy gentle giant with her. Rebekah is a strong-willed and smart woman. I loved watching her navigate this new world she found herself living in.

If you are a fan of second-chance romances, you will enjoy the relationship between Rebekah and Raedan. These two had fallen in love years ago but were torn apart by Lord Atol. They are reunited on the battlefield as enemies, and when the dust settles after the battle, Rebekah finds herself a captive of Raedan. I don’t often read second-chance romances; they aren’t high on my trope radar. I did find myself enjoying the romance between these two. It was great watching as they slowly began to rekindle their love. I thought Sarah did a great job ensuring their relationship was realistic and believable. Rebekah and Raedan didn’t instantly make up. There is a lot of hurt and anger between these two, and they slowly work those feelings before falling back into bed with each other. Harlequin romances tend to either be closed-doors or very spicey. This book falls into the second category. So, if you like your romances with a bit of heat, you will enjoy this book’s second half.

One Night with Her Viking Warrior is a satisfying swoony romance that you will want to read again and again.  

Thank you, Harlequin Historical and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.