“Have a great day! Enjoy your stay!” I’m speed-walking down the hall, calling over my shoulder. Except I’m going the wrong way.

I turn to see him still standing in the hall, arms crossed, leaning casually against the door of the conference room, observing with an amused half smile on his face. Taking a deep breath, I square my shoulders and retrace my steps, giving him a curt nod on the way past. He reciprocates with a tip of an imaginary cowboy hat and a slow smile.

Reasonable Adults is a fun, light-hearted, wintery rom-com from debut author Robin Lefler. 

A swanky new gig at a luxury artists’ retreat in Muskoka, a delightful canine companion and a chance at a clean start. It should be smooth sailing from here . . .

Everything has fallen apart for Kate Rigsby: she is freshly single—separated from an ex she never really liked—and freshly fired—from a job she never really liked, either. Somehow, she’s reached the age of thirty-one and the only things she truly cares about are her goldendoodle, Eric, her two best friends, and proving to her parents (and, if she’s honest, to herself) that she made the right choice moving to the city. Except, instead of thriving, she finds that her life has taken a nose-dive. So when a job at Treetops Creative Retreat suddenly lands in her lap, she’s thrilled. Three months at a glorified arts and crafts workshop for grown-ups that boasts five-star cuisine and a helipad, and she’ll be well paid? The perfect escape. So what if her contract spans the depths of winter? Neat! A charming life experience! She can learn to snowshoe.

But when Kate arrives at the retreat, nothing is as she imagined. She didn’t read the fine print, her targets are impossible, her boss seems committed to seeing her fail and there happens to be an extremely off-limits fellow staffer who has no business being so gorgeous.

Part self-discovery, part rom-com and part comedy of errors, Reasonable Adults is a hilarious debut about finding yourself—and maybe love—along the way. A little summer-camp romance never hurt anyone, right? 

Yay! I cannot tell you how excited I am that I got to read a rom-com set in Canada, more specifically set in Ontario. There is something so magical about reading a book that takes place in an area you know and love. I could relate to Kate as she struggled to get through traffic on the 400 (something I have had to do many times) or how different it is to live in Northern Ontario, especially during the winter months. Reasonable Adults is a delightful and fun rom-com to read. It had all the things I expect from my romance books: swoony romantic moments, a vibrant setting, drama, and of course, humour. The overall story is fun and makes for an entertaining read. The pacing was perfect, and Robin did a wonderful job pivoting the story at just the right moments to keep her readers engaged and entertained. 

The setting in this book will have you swooning and longing to pack your bags and head up north. I felt like I was being transported to this wintery paradise through Robin’s detailed and lush descriptions. I was Googling after I was done with this book to see if I could stay at a resort similar to the one in this book. 

This book is full of characters that you will love. They are just so quirky and likable. All the secondary characters have such interesting backstories and add so much richness to the overall story. Kate is a wonderful romantic heroine. She just felt genuine and authentic. Her problems and struggles in life are relatable and real. We have all been in shitty relationships, worked under a jerk boss, and just felt like our lives were one big hot mess. Watching Kate find her passion and spark at the Treetop Creative Resort was great. I loved watching as she tried to navigate her way through this slightly unconventional workplace. And, of course, Kate’s journey is full of funny mishaps that will have you chuckling as you read. 

I fell in love with the adorable and delightful Eric and Delilah, the cute dogs in this book. I always love it when authors include animals in their stories. Eric and Delilah have these larger-than-life personalities and add charm and humour to the overall story. 

Kate and Matt’s romance is a colleagues-to-lovers love story. I am not always a fan of workplace romance, but in this case, I enjoyed it. I think it was because this isn’t your typical office romance. The setting in this book really puts a fresh spin on this trope. Working at this outdoor resort created these fun and unique moments between Kate and Matt. I love the dialogue and chemistry between these two. It felt authentic. 

Reasonable Adults is a great rom-com to curl up and read on a winter afternoon. 

Thank you, HarperCollins Canada for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.