Review by Veronica

Series Name: Just Us, # 2

“Are you taking me outside to murder me?”

A small, devasting smile tips up one corner of his mouth. “You’ve got me figured out. I really thought that plan was going to work,” he says.

“If you’re going to put my body parts in canning jars, please don’t put them in fluorescent liquid. I don’t look good in neon.”

His dark eyes trail from my face all the way down to my toes. He leans forward, so close he doesn’t even have to yell above the music. “I doubt there’s anything you don’t look good in.”

Just Between Us is a fun, easy breezy rom-com that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Ellie Bates is in big trouble.

When her parents, the owners of the apartment complex she manages, tell her she’s on her last strike, Ellie knows she can’t break any more rules or risk getting fired. She needs to tread very, very carefully or chance falling straight through this thin ice beneath her feet.

That’s easier said than done when Camden Lane moves into her complex and starts flipping her world upside down. But dating residents is off-limits and getting close to him is a rule she’s not willing to break.

Camden Lane can’t get Ellie out of his head.

He may be in town for work, but it’s Ellie that his focus keeps drifting toward. Between his impending departure date and her parent’s rules, he knows nothing can happen. Except, the more time they spend together, the harder and harder it gets to resist the pull they feel toward each other.

When the lines between them start to blur, Camden and Ellie have to decide where their priorities lie. Is what they have worth what’s at stake? 

The cover of this book caught my eye. It just screams a perfect fall/winter romance read, and it was. I sat down in my reading chair and spent the afternoon and evening getting lost in Ellie and Camden’s love story. This book is one of those quick and light romance reads and doesn’t require anything from you. You don’t have to use any energy to figure out the plot or characters. There are no big mysteries or issues that you need to think about. You can sit back and enjoy this book in all its romance-y goodness. 

I enjoyed the story. Its pacing is perfect, and I like the direction Madison went with this story. Ellie’s job as a superintendent creates a lot of fun and interesting moments in the book. Madison does a great job at creating swoony moments between Ellie and Camden, especially at the beginning. Their meet-cute moment really just hooked me into the story. They have that sweet meant-to-be chemistry. I loved all the secondary characters. They add a lot of charm and warmth to the story.  

Ellie and Camden are delightful and loveable characters. At the beginning of the book, they both are a little lost and are struggling to figure out what truly would make them happy. You can’t help but cheer these two on as they grow and become the amazing people you know they can be. Their love story is a sweet combination of insta love and forced proximity. Their meet-cute moment at the beginning of the book was perfection and had me swoony a bit. As a couple, they work, and I enjoy their conversations and spending time with them. 

Just Between Us is a cute and delightful romance story.

Thank you, Madison Wright, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.