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Romi Moondi is a Canadian writer who primarily writes romantic comedies with the aim to make you laugh, activate your heartstrings, and maybe even make your eyes produce some salty discharge. When she’s not writing novels, Romi can be found dreaming up screenplays, copywriting for clients, traveling, trying out new recipes, and loving Seinfeld forever.

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What’s the strangest thing you searched for on the internet for your novel?

For 24 Hours in Paris, I had to search “street in Paris with sex shops” because I knew the general area but not the exact street, and it’s a setting in the book during the 4 a.m. chapter. That’s all I’m going to say about that. 

What book (or author) made you fall in love with the romance genre?

Definitely One Day by David Nicholls (which is why I’ve recommended it). I just happen to be one of those wistful sorts who thinks about fate more often than I should, so when I first read that book set over different time periods, about two people who keep finding their way back to each other, it was all too much for my heart (in the best way). 

What is your favourite trope? Why?

The answer to the previous question probably hints to my answer here: the second-chance romance trope! I can’t get enough of people being torn apart before they finally get to be together (what’s wrong with me?), so when I wrote 24 Hours in Paris, I always knew Mira and Jake would need a second act—and I’m so happy they will get to have that second chance in 24 Hours in Italy!

It’s the morning after, and a lover is making your main character the perfect breakfast in bed. What is it?

I have to go with Eggs Benedict. I know it’s a little rich, but I’ve made it before (including the Hollandaise sauce from scratch), so I KNOW the effort it takes, plus it’s hard to perfectly poach eggs (and then to make roasted potatoes on the side which are mandatory). Needless to say, a breakfast like that would be a sign of true love.

What book are you reading currently? 

I am currently reading a few different books which is always the way for me, as I need to stimulate different parts of my brain during different times of day/moods. I am currently reading The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman to get my mystery fix in, The Vibrant Years by Sonali Dev because I love a tale of self-discovery with South Asian representation, and I am also listening to the audiobook version of Have I Told You This Already? By Lauren Graham, because I love Gilmore Girls and she’s so funny and smart. I’ll get back to my rotation of romance books soon, it’s just been a bit of rom com overload lately after recently finishing my latest round of edits for 24 Hours in Italy! 

The rapid-fire question – Would you rather stay in Paris or Italy?

I started to think about it, but then I remembered that’s not the point of this question, so my rapid-fire response is: Paris! It’s just a place I know like the back of my hand now after having been there 11 times (and counting), and I still have some pals who live there, so why not? That being said, after having been to Italy 5 times now (and counting), that’s a place I would like to get to know even better!