He seemed to sense her standing there and turned to her with a smile on his face that for some reason became strangely fixed when he locked eyes on her. Casey’s breath caught in her throat. He was gorgeous. She had seen his videos sometimes on television and his picture was in magazines everywhere you looked, or so it seemed. She had always thought him handsome, but it was only now that she was seeing him in the flesh that her entire body seemed to be reacting to him. How could he more beautiful in real life? She wondered.

A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island is a charming romance book and a great book to read on a Sunday afternoon.

Popstar Matteo Stanford is eager to escape to the sunshine island to catch up with his old friend Alex and secretly film his latest music video. But within moments of landing, the location for the shoot is leaked to the press, and his island escape and video might be over before they start.

Not to be defeated, Alex’s girlfriend Piper recruits her two best friends Casey and Tara, who run the Smoke and Mirrors stall at the The Cabbage Patch market. It doesn’t take Casey more than a moment to realise the perfect setting for Matteo’s video is Gorey castle, but securing the venue means Casey is soon planning a secret wedding, finding an actress and becoming a set designer!

A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island takes place after Finding Love on Sunshine Island. So, before diving into this book, you should read Finding Love on Sunshine Island. I was super excited to read this book, I adored Georgina’s previous one, and I couldn’t wait to return to Jersey Island. It was great to see Piper and Alex again. Even though they aren’t the story’s main focus, they still play an important role in it. The scenes that they were in had my heart pitter-pattering with happiness. I really do adore them.

In this book, we get to know Casey and Matteo (Piper and Alex’s best friends). Things are happening on Jersey Island; Matteo has come to the island hoping to film one of his music videos. Problems arise when someone leaks the filming location for the video to the media. That is where Casey comes in. She has the perfect location for Matteo; the only problem is Casey’s friend Vicki has a wedding taking place there at the same time. With some fast talking and the promise to help plan the wedding, Casey manages to secure the venue for Matteo. With only a few days to get things ready for Matteo’s video and Vicki’s wedding, Casey is wondering if she has bitten off more than she can chew. This book is a lovely, light, fluffy romance read. I flew through this book. As you can imagine, a lot is going on in this book; planning both a wedding and staging the venue for a music video requires a lot of different moving parts. Sometimes things got a little too chaotic and hard to follow, but all the hustle and bustle makes for an entertaining story. I also enjoyed spending time with all the residents on the island; it felt like catching up with old friends.

Casey is a great main character for a romance. She has this wonderful girl next door vibe to her, and her heart is so big. Watching her try her best to ensure the music video goes off without a hitch and that Vicki has the wedding she has always dreamed of was heart-warming. Matteo is a sweetheart and oh-so-charming. He was the perfect main romantic hero for this book. The attraction between Casey and Matteo was evident right from their first meeting. I was interested in seeing how Georgina would make their relationship work. Casey and Matteo live very different lifestyles, which creates many hurdles for these two to jump over. I had a slight problem with the romance between Casey and Matteo. I adored these two as characters, and they will make a fabulous couple. I just wished there was more dialogue and alone moments between them. They didn’t really get a chance to get to know one another. And because of that lack of dialogue, their romance didn’t feel believable to me. The moments when these two are together are sweet and swoony and will definitely get your heart racing faster.  

I really hope that Georgina writes about Jax’s story next! I do love that man.

A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island is a wonderful, charming love story.

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.