USA Today and Publishers Weekly best-selling author Sheila Roberts has written over fifty books under various names, ranging from romance to self-improvement. Over three million books have been sold to date. Her humor and heart have won her a legion of fans and her novels have been turned into movies for both the Lifetime and Hallmark channels. When she’s not out dancing with her husband or hanging out with her girlfriends, she can be found writing about those things near and dear to women’s hearts: family, friends and chocolate.

Her latest book is the women’s fiction/romance The Road to Christmas (Harlequin/Mira, September ’22)

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What’s the strangest thing you searched for on the internet for your novel?

Not so much strange as gross, but since one of the couples in my road trip tale hits a deer I was researching what to do when that happens. Alas, a close encounter isn’t good for either Bambi or your car. The deer doesn’t usually make it, but since this was a Christmas story, my editor and agreed that the deer needed to survive. So, yes, an animal was wounded in the telling this story but, as with the humans, Bambi got a happy ending.

What book (or author) made you fall in love with the romance genre?

Three writers actually: Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer and Victoria Holt. I tried to find a Victoria Holt book in my small beach town library and there wasn’t a one to be had. Tears! What is the world coming to?!

What is your favourite trope? Why?

Hmmm. That’s a hard one to answer. Probably enemies to lovers. We make stupid judgements about people all the time – I love it when characters get smart and realize that first impressions aren’t always the best impressions.

It’s the morning after, and a lover is making your main character the perfect breakfast in bed. What is it?

Belgian Waffles with lots of strawberries and whipped cream. And now I know what I want for next Valentine’s Day!

What book are you reading currently? 

I just finished my pal Debbie Macomber’s THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. I like to alternate my fiction with non-fiction, so I’m also reading a biography of President Theodore Roosevelt.

The rapid fire question – Christmas Turkey or Christmas fruit cake?

Turkey!!! Gobble, gobble.

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