‘Well… thank you,’ Finn said, giving her a smile that would have melted an iceberg at a hundred paces.

‘You’re gorgeous. I mean, you’re welcome.’ Lucy felt her face burning in mortification. Suddenly her tongue felt far too big in her mouth and she swallowed hard on a very dry throat. ‘Welcome. Very welcome Always.’ God, why wasn’t the ground just opening up and swallowing her now?

Winter Kisses at Roseford Café is a delightful Christmas romance. 

The sleepy Somerset village of Roseford is the temporary home for the cast and crew of the latest Christmas movie, and there’s an excitement in the air that can’t be ignored. When Lucy Cameron, the owner of Roseford Cafe, is asked to fulfil a last-minute catering order on set, she can’t believe her luck.

Lucy’s erstwhile teenage crush, Finn Sanderson, is the star of the film, alongside his glamorous co-star, Montana de Santo, with whom he has been linked on and off the screen, and their sprinkle of stardust around the village is intoxicating.

With Christmas approaching and the snow starting to fall, Lucy’s path keeps crossing with Finn’s, and she starts to get to know the man behind the movie star. As her feelings grow, so too do Lucy’s reservations about even considering becoming involved with someone so well-known. And when Lucy becomes the centre of a social media storm, her fears seem to be justified.

Are happy-ever-afters just the preserve of romantic Christmas movies, or could Lucy and Finn star in their very own, real-life festive love story… 

Winter Kisses at Roseford Café was such a cozy, charming read! In this book, we meet Lucy, a single mom who runs her own cafe and lives in a quaint English town. There is excitement in the air because a Christmas movie is being filmed in their town and Lucy’s teenage superstar crush, aka Finn, is one of the lead actors. During the filming, Lucy and Finn’s paths keep crossing, and they both feel the chemistry between them. But dating a superstar has its drawbacks, and Lucy has to decide if being with Finn is worth dealing with all the media attention. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s a fun, fast read with a lot of heart. I found myself laughing, sighing, and cheering as I read this story. Fay created this charming Christmas story that also tackles some pretty series issues. I could tell that Fay put a lot of thought into how she would incorporate these issues to ensure that she addressed them properly and with care. Reading the behind-the-scenes of filming a Christmas movie was fun and made me want to sit down and binge-watch the Hallmark channel. 

I don’t think there was a character that I didn’t like in this book. There was this nice blend of diverse characters that added some depth and uniqueness to the story. They all just fit together and helped move the story along. Lucy and Finn are sooo sweet together. The scene where Lucy and Finn first met was hilarious, and I am sure I would be stumbling over my words like Lucy did if I met my celebrity crush (cough…Henry Cavill….cough). The uncertainty and shyness that was between them, especially from Finn, made their character and relationship more realistic and relatable. 

Oh, I also hope Fay writes a book about Simon because his character just charmed my socks off. 

Winter Kisses at Roseford Café is a romance book that will get you into the holiday spirit. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.