Series Name: Primrose Wood, # 2

She scrunched her eyes closed tight, pursed her lips and waited for Luke’s touch. When it came, the sensation of his lips upon hers was every bit as electrifying as she had imagined. His hands cupped her face, creating an intimacy that shut out all the noise around them. It was just the two of them alone in the busy pub to the sound of Shakin’ Stevens doing his stuff. In that moment ever, and she knew, deep in her heart, despite her internal protestations, that it was so much more than just a cheeky Christmas kiss under the mistletoe.

Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods is full of kindness and holiday cheer!

Abbey Carter, her boyfriend Sam and their trusty canine companion Lady, relish living in the picturesque village of Wishwell at the edge of their beloved Primrose Woods.  The woods and the country park are full of activity as the festive season approaches.

Lizzie Baker is flat out at the Treetops café, serving all sorts of winter warmers, festive goodies and lashings of hot chocolate. And when her daughter and grandchildren arrive to stay, the run up to Christmas is set to be even more magical than she had expected.

Rhianna West has finally found the perfect man to fall in love with – if only Luke wasn’t moving away in the New Year. 

As the snow falls on Primrose Woods, and the village of Wishwell sparkles with Christmas lights, could this be the year that every wish comes true for the three friends?

Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods is the second book in the Primrose Woods series, and fans of this series won’t be disappointed with the latest installment. I recommend reading the first book before starting this book because you may feel a little lost in this story if you don’t. Jill’s writing has this genuine feel to it. This story is so beautifully written, and I found myself going on this wonderful emotional rollercoaster ride with her characters while reading this book.

This story takes place during the weeks leading up to Christmas. The three female leads, Lizzie, Abbey, and Rhi, are all friends and are excited about the holiday season, but life decides to throw different curve balls at them. Lizzie’s daughter Katy has returned home with her two kids. Abbey and her boyfriend Sam hit a rough patch in their relationship. Rhi, who is excited and scared to start her own business, has just found out that Luke (her secret crush) is moving away after the holidays. This story is told from Lizzie, Abbey, and Rhi’s POVs, and all three women are at different stages of their lives and dealing with very different problems. In this book, Jill did a great job continuing each of these characters’ stories. She stays true to their character’s essence while adding new “drama” to their lives. I felt like I had just settled right back into this series with such ease and was excited to be back with these three leading ladies.

One of the great things about having a story with three female main characters is you get three love stories! They were all just so cute and heart-warming. Jill really knows how to get her reader’s heart pitter-pattering and leave us with those wondering about those butterflies in our stomachs feelings. The main relationship focus was on Abbey and Sam and Rhi and Luke. At the beginning of this story, Abbey and Sam are in a really good place in their relationship, but a person from Sam’s past puts strain on these two. I was not expecting their relationship to hit a rough patch, and my emotions were going up and down with these two. As much as I hate seeing some of my favourite characters have relationship problems, I felt that having Abby and Sam go through this added depth and realism to their relationship. And don’t worry, these two get their happy ever after ending. Rhi and Luke have an interesting past; they were colleagues. During that time, Luke liked Rhi, but she wasn’t interested in him; then they became friends, and Rhi realized she liked Luke, but he didn’t seem interested in starting a relationship with her. The timing with these two just never seemed to work out. In this book, Rhi realizes that she only spends a limited time with Luke before he leaves. There is a lot of will they or won’t they between these two. But those moments when they start giving in to their emotions are so tender and sweet. 

Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods has all that romantic charm, and heart readers come to expect from a Jill Steeples novel. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.