He swept his eyes up and down my whole body, and for a second I felt an inexplicable zap of electricity. It had been a while since someone had looked at me like that, and it only made me feel even more ruffled.

Let it Snow is a fun holiday rom-com that will leave you feeling very jolly. 

After the end of a long-term relationship, local weather girl Bea Armstrong has been avoiding her family, and their inevitable ‘I-told-you-sos.’ But with Christmas fast approaching, she is finally on her way home to Charis House, the school in Sherwood Forest that her mum and dad run in their old family home. And to top it all off, the insufferable Henry Fairfax – who her parents have always wanted her to marry – has also been invited.

Relief comes in the shape of a last-minute interview for her dream job. There are just a few minor problems… The interview is in Scotland, Bea has no car, and the snow is falling already. The only solution is for Henry to drive her – could this Christmas get any worse…

But during an unforgettable two-day interview, a stay in a log cabin and a nightmare journey through the snow, Henry turns out to be nothing like she thought. And when Bea’s first love and recent ex shows up, Bea has a difficult choice to make…

 What a fun and festive book! There was a lot packed in this story, and I was completely blown away by where Beth took her readers. I just assumed that the bulk of this story would take place in Scotland in this remote location, and this wasn’t the case. We get to go on all these mini adventures with Bea and Henry that take readers all over the place as these two try to get Bea her “dream” job and help save Charis House. I love the fast pace in this story; it kept me on my toes. The job interview scenes were out-of-this-world bonkers and so highly entertaining. I was not expecting how crazy that entire interview process ended up being; there was definitely a Hunger Games vibe to it. 

Family plays an important part in this story, and The Armstrong family is wonderfully quirky and endearing. I loved their family dynamic. They are not perfect, and some family secrets and hurt feelings come to light during the story. But of course, this is a feel-good romance, which means that when things get tough for this family, they support each other and work together to save their family home. There are plenty of those Hallmark feel-good moments with this family. I like Bea. She is sweet, and I love that she dances to the beat of her drum. She wears quirky clothes (usually weathered-themed) and is willing to help others when they need it. I admit I liked Summer (who is Bea’s colleague and nemesis) with respect to what she added to the story. She was a terrible person and just made Bea’s life a living hell. Every time she would pop up in the story I knew things would go terribly wrong for Bea. Summer’s character didn’t take over the storyline but just added that extra conflict that made things entertaining. 

If you are a fan of love triangles, then you will like this love story. Bea has two love interests, Adam and Henry. When this story starts, Bea and Adam have already broken up, and she is having a hard time moving on. Henry is a sweet guy, but Bea can’t stand him, mainly because she thinks he doesn’t like her and thinks he is better than her. But as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. As these two spend the holiday season together, Bea realizes that maybe she was quick to judge Henry and that he just might be the man her heart needs. So many cute moments happened between these two, which will make your heart pitter-patter. To make things even more interesting, Adam comes back into the picture and wants Bea back. I have to say that I liked both guys. Adam isn’t that “evil” ex-boyfriend, and by the end of the book, he was winning my heart. Even though I wanted her to end up with Henry, I wouldn’t have been heartbroken if she went back to Adam. I enjoyed the whole love story that Beth created. 

Let It Snow is a wonderful holiday romance that will melt your heart. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.