‘Sweet dreams,’ he said as he returned to his room.


Millie went into her room and closed the door. Learning back on it, she sighed. He’s so lovely… so different… But I absolutely cannot and will not fall for him. It really wouldn’t be right. And it could never come to anything. Jules is my best friend in the world. I couldn’t risk that. Not for anything…

But, deep down, Millie knew it was too late.

Together Under a Snowy Skye is the perfect Christmas book to read this holiday season.

 After the heartbreak of a secret unrequited love, Millie Treadaway has finally found someone to spend her life with.

Harry Rose is handsome, successful and treats her like a princess. That is until Millie presents her fiancé with a surprise birthday gift, and their future is suddenly doomed.

Eight months later Millie returns to Glentorrin on the Isle of Skye for her best friend Jules’ Christmas wedding. Heartbroken, single and heavily pregnant.

Staying in Lifeboat Cottage with Jules’ brother, kindhearted Dexter, she’s given up on love and resigned herself to be the best single Mum ever.

But a shock phone call from Harry leaves her reeling and doubting herself and her decisions.

Do second chances work? Or is Dexter right? That she deserves much more?

Can the festive spirit in Glentorrin, and a little stray Jack Russell terrier, heal her heart?

Or is she fated to remain a member of the lonely-hearts club forever? 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love it when Christmas ARCs start coming our way because it means that fall and the holiday season are just around the corner. All I have to say is that my first Christmas book of the year charmed my snowman socks right off my feet. It was just utter holiday perfection. The pacing and flow of this story are similar to Hallmark-style movies. There is just the right amount of relationship drama, quirky townsfolk, and a fabulous wedding to keep readers entertained. 

Fans of Lisa’s other books will be happy to hear that there are plenty of cameos from characters from her previous books. These characters, plus a cast of new ones, create an endearing, fun ensemble that fits perfectly with the story. Millie is sweet and just so relatable. Reader’s hearts will go out to Millie as she struggles with the decision to keep or abort her baby. I felt that Lisa did a fantastic job at addressing the issue of abortion. She showed readers how difficult it is for women who have to make that decision. I also loved that this topic didn’t consume the whole story. Once Millie decided to keep her baby, that was it, and the story moved on. 

One of the reasons why I love romances so much is because of the amazing friendships that exist within their stories. Millie has two fabulous best friends, Jules and Dexter. The interactions between these friends are heartwarming and full of understanding, laughter, and the knowledge that they have each other’s backs. Their friendship felt like they have an unshakable foundation. 

The romance in this book is like a lopsided square, LOL. I shall explain what I mean: Millie has two love interests in this story. At the story’s beginning, Millie and Harry are engaged, but they split up because Harry doesn’t want to keep the baby. After their breakup, we don’t hear from Harry until near the end of the book. Dexter, who is the other love interest, lives in Scotland and has been one of Millie’s closest friends since uni. Both characters have a secret crush on each other but are too afraid to say anything because they don’t want to wreck their friendship. These two are adorable, and Dexter is the sweetest boyfriend ever. The other love interest in this square is Isla, who has a crush on Dexter, and they kind of start dating in this story. But Dexter is not really into Isla. With all these different love interests floating around in this book, you’d think that the story would be muddled with relationships. But it isn’t. Lisa did a great job just putting enough drama in the plot to keep it interesting and help move the story along. 

Together Under a Snowy Skye is an enchanting Christmas love story. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.