Reid could barely process what was happening. Was it Thursday or last Monday? Or maybe he was dead. He felt dead. He couldn’t move. But he had to save his camera from falling in what felt like slow motion.

Sure, he’d let himself imagine what Cassie would look like in Dreamland’s signature caution tape lingerie, but his fantasies didn’t compare to the real deal. Cassie looked incredible. Cute and sexy and undeniably dangerous.

The Accidental Pinup is a unapologetically diverse feminist rom-com.

 Photographer Cassie Harris loves her job—her company Buxom Boudoir makes people look beautiful and feel empowered with her modern twist on classic pinup photography. Cassie’s best friend, Dana, is about to launch her own dangerously dreamy lingerie line and wants Cassie to shoot and direct the career-changing national campaign. But company politics and Dana’s complicated pregnancy interfere, and Cassie finds herself—a proud plus size Black woman—not behind the camera but in front of it.

Though she’s never modeled herself, Cassie’s pretty sure she can handle the sheer underwear and caution tape bralettes. She’s not sure she can work so intimately with the chosen photographer, her long-time competitor in the Chicago photography scene, Reid Montgomery. Their chemistry is undeniable on set, however, and feelings can develop faster than film…

What a fun book to read!! There is just so much to love about this book; it has a fun and sexy story and a diverse cast of characters that you will never forget. The story itself falls into that typical romance story mould. Girl meets a guy who is her rival, they are forced to work together, sparks fly, and they eventually fall in love. Overall, I enjoyed the story; there were enough laugh-out-loud moments, cute moments, and swoony moments to keep me entertained. What really makes this book stand out is the cast of characters and positive messaging within its pages. I just love the body positivity in this book. Danielle not only embraces but celebrates all body types. There are no negative putdowns about weight, shape, or a character’s skin colour. All the characters are huge cheerleaders for each other, which I absolutely loved. This book also features a strong take-charge cast of female characters. They are all friends and support one another. These women are smart, funny, and know how to get things done. I just loved watching them work; their passion for what they do just leaps from the pages.

This is a beautiful blend of workplace and enemies to lovers romance. Cassie and Reid’s chemistry and attraction for each other is almost instantaneous. They may not want to work together, but there is no denying the sparks between them. I like these two as a couple, their chemistry felt real, and once they got over that weariness of each other, their conversation flowed perfectly, and you could really see that chemistry becoming stronger. 

If you are looking for a romance book that is full of strong gorgeous women then you should check out The Accidental Pinup. 

Thank you, Berkley Publishing, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.