Lizzy gathered up her purse and went to tuck Pride and Prejudice back in its rightful place. Then she wandered to the romance section to read the back covers of all the new releases. There were at least three that she was dying to read, but she promised herself not to buy any more books until she put a dent in her to-be-read pile. She didn’t have much time to read for fun, but when she did, she always turned to her favourite genre— romance. Sure, it was a nice escape, but it was more than that. Those stories healed something inside her and made her feel less alone.  

Booked on a Feeling is a rom-com that is sweet and spicy.

Lizzy “Overachiever” Chung, Esq. has her life mapped out neatly:

* Become a lawyer. Check.

* Join a prestigious law firm. Check.

* Make partner. In progress.

If all goes to plan, she will check off that last box in a couple years, make her parents proud, and live a successful, fulfilled life in L.A. What was not in her plans was passing out from a panic attack during a pivotal moment in her career. A few deep breaths and a four hour drive later, Lizzy is in Weldon for three weeks to shed the burnout and figure out what went wrong. And what better place to recharge than the small California town where she spent her childhood summers with her best friend, Jack Park.

Jack Park didn’t expect to see Lizzy back in Weldon, but now he’s got three weeks to spend with the girl of his dreams. Except she doesn’t know of his decades-long crush on her–and he intends to keep it that way. She’s a high-powered attorney who lives in L.A. and he’s a bookkeeper at his family’s brewery who never left his hometown. He can’t risk their friendship on a long shot. Can he? When Lizzy decides that the local bookstore needs a little revamp, of course, Jack is going to help her bring it back to life. But the more time they spend together, the harder it becomes to ignore there might be more than just friendship among the dusty shelves and books…

Sometimes the path to the rest of your life has been in front of you all along.

As I am sure many of you know, I am a sucker for any romance that takes place in a bookstore, which meant I was thrilled to get a copy of Booked on a Feeling. Overall this book is a fun, and fast rom-com read. Perfect for reading on your porch on a summer evening. The story doesn’t break any romance moulds, you know how the story will unfold and end, but I still enjoyed the ride. The characters are fun and delightful. They all have different passions, whether it be books, beer, baking, or family. You could feel their excitement leap from the pages. I loved Lizzy and her obsession with lists and checking things off lists (something I love doing myself). She is a smart and kind person who doesn’t know if she wants to be a lawyer. I loved going on this mini vacation with her and watching as she helped revamp a local bookstore.

Romance readers who love friends to lovers tropes will adore Jack and Lizzy’s relationship. These two have been friends for roughly 20 years, and both just have the cutest friendship. Jack has been secretly in love with Lizzy since they were kids and hasn’t said anything to her because he is afraid it will ruin their friendship, and he also believes that he isn’t good enough for Lizzy. During her stay in Weldon, Lizzy starts to notice Jack not as a friend but as a hot guy with whom she wants to kiss and have sex. I rather enjoyed their relationship. These two are a lot of fun, and their banters are super witty. Jayci did a great job building that sexual tension between these two and getting her readers all hot and bothered. Lizzy and Jack’s relationship isn’t smooth sailing; they both have insecurities and are unsure how this new romance will unfold between them. 

The only thing that threw me through a loop was internal dialogue and some of Jack and Lizzy’s conversations. I tended to get a teenager vibe from those parts of the book. If it wasn’t for the fact that they said they were 30 years old, I would have pegged them as late teens-early twenty years. It felt like I was reading a YA and not an adult book. 

If you are looking for a fun easy-breezy rom-com to read this summer, then you should check out Booked on a Feeling. 

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.