“The man has dark eyes and thick, nearly black hair that tumbles over his forehead and sweeps across his brows. A long, straight nose. Bold, sensuous lips. Cheekbones so high they would make a supermodel weep. My knees buckle and I catch myself on the shelf behind me. Something rattles and topples over, but I don’t care.

A tsunami of member fragments and bits of conversation coalesce into the achingly familiar form of the man standing on the opposite side of the ship. I know his features so well I could draw them. Because I have drawn them Hundreds of times.”

Dream On is a fun and delightful rom com that is just so easy to fall in love with.  

When law student Cass Walker wakes up after surviving a car accident, she is flooded with memories of her boyfriend, Devin. The only problem? Devin doesn’t exist. But everything she remembers about him feels so real, like the precise shade of his coffee-brown eyes; the texture of his favorite hand-me-down scarf; even the slightly crooked angle of his pinkie, broken after falling off a trampoline in third grade. She knows he’s a figment of her imagination—friends, family, and doctors confirm it—but she still can’t seem to get him out of her head.

So when she runs into the real Devin a year later in a Cleveland flower shop, she’s completely shocked. Even more surprising is that Devin actually believes her story, and soon they embark on a real-life romance. With her dream man by her side and an upcoming summer job at a prestigious law firm, Cass’s future seems perfect. But fate might have other plans…

I am sure we have all dreamed, or heck imagined, a fictitious boyfriend in our heads, that dare I say, perfect “dream boyfriend.” Imagine if that dream boyfriend exists, and you bump into him. Pretty exciting, right? I just love the whole premise of this book, and Angie throws in enough twists to keep the story from becoming too predictable. This story has a wonderful combination of humour, drama, and romance. Everything just flows together so nicely. It really is an easy and enjoyable book to read. I also have to say that I love all the flower talk in this book! I adore flowers, and listening to Perry talk about flowers was just right up my alley.

Cass is a strong, compassionate, and intelligent heroine. I loved how she could laugh at her embarrassing moments (like walking into a glass wall) or when she chose to take the high road when dealing with a workplace nemesis. It was also delightful watching her work; she is so clever and really comes to life when she is trying to help save Perry’s shop or when she is painting. Both Devin and Perry (our two male leads) are so swoony. They are brothers and different from each other. I loved those differences because they allowed for their unique romantic relationship with Cass. They are really all-around good guys. 

It’s been a while since I read a love triangle that I actually liked. Usually, that trope drives me up the wall; sometimes, it’s because I don’t like a particular love interest, or I don’t know who I want the heroine to end up with, or I am just tired of all the indecisiveness from the characters in the love triangle. I have to say that I didn’t feel any of those hang-ups with this love triangle. This love story’s love triangle is between Cass, Devin, and Perry. Devin is Cass’s “dream guy,” and Lord is he a charmer. At first, he seems perfect and really the perfect guy for Cass, but as the story progresses, that charming ideal persona starts to crack, and it becomes apparent that these two don’t connect on a deeper level. Perry and Cass get off to a rough start, mainly because he thinks she is a crazy stalker. But once the hostile dust settles, the sparks between these two start to fly. There are plenty of cute moments between both potential couples and, of course, a dash of drama just to keep things interesting. 

Dream On is an unputdownable rom-com that will have you smiling the whole time you read it. 

Thank you, Simon and Schuster Canada for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.