Series Name: The Holiday Romance, # 5

A Wedding in Tuscany is the perfect romantic escapist read.

A tall, wide-shouldered man wearing a dark blue robe enters the studio from a door at the back of the room. The model.

He makes his way to the plinth in the centre of the studio, the patter of his bare feet the only sound in the room. Oh.My.Fucking.God! I think. He may just be the most handsome man I’ve ever seen—and my ‘free pass’ list includes Idris Elba and Henry Cavill. My eyes dart towards Cat and when hers meet mine, it’s clear she’s thinking the same thing. We stifle smirks and I’m suddenly fifteen instead of a day off forty. 

The Parsons sisters are all loved up.

Sarah is living in Sydney with Josh and their cat, Domino, but is anxious about her fast-approaching fortieth birthday.

And Cat is still living in London with her flatmate, Jane, but is in a long-distance relationship with Jean-Luc, her childhood sweetheart and recently re-discovered love.

One of the sisters receives a surprise wedding proposal – it’s a yes! – and everyone heads off to Tuscany for a destination wedding.

Reunite with favourite characters from the Holiday Romance series in one of the most beautiful locations yet for love, laughter, wedding vows, and just a smidge of sisterly mayhem 

A Wedding in Tuscany is the last book in the Holiday Romance series, and while it can be read as a stand-alone; I would recommend you read it as part of the series. I think readers would enjoy this book more if they had read the previous four books. A Wedding in Tuscany was the first book I had read in the series, and Sandy does a wonderful job at bringing readers up to speed when introducing characters and their backstories that I never felt lost. One of the main focuses of this story is all the characters reuniting and celebrating Sarah’s 40th and Cat’s wedding. The geek in me equates it to the final Avengers movie when all the superheroes come together. I would have been more excited to see everyone coming together if I had read the previous books. I didn’t feel that attachment to these characters because I didn’t know them. Don’t get me wrong; I still enjoyed this book quite a bit. Sandy is a fabulous travel romance writer, and I will definitely be picking up her other books to read.  

If you are a fan of travelling or reading books about travelling, then you will love this book (and series). All the characters in this book are avid travellers, and it’s an absolute pleasure listening to their adventures. Sandy does a fantastic job at bringing Tuscany to life for her readers. I ate up the food descriptions and the lush descriptions of Tuscany and its people. The story has romance, humour, and drama (oh so delicious drama!). Sandy adds depth to the story by tackling some serious issues related to family relationships, romantic relationships, and ageism. 

The characters, both primary and secondary, are all gems! I loved their life stories and listening to how they all met. Their relationships and interactions with each other added so much depth and sweetness to the story. There is really a focus on the importance of family (both blood and found family). Even though Cat and Sarah live on the opposite sides of the world, they are still so close and make an effort to be a part of each other’s lives, even if it’s from afar.

The sisterly bond between Cat and Sarah was written perfectly, and I was laughing when one of the sisters went into protective mode and was ready to do battle to help/protect the other. 

This book just oozes romance. Pretty much every character in this book is in a relationship. The love from all those relationships just radiates from the pages of this book. I really can’t decide what couple I love more, Cat and Jean-Luc or Sarah and Josh. The chemistry between these couples is on fire, and there is just enough spice to get my heart racing. I might have swooned a little when Jean-Luc spoke French to Cat. What really stands out with all these relationships is the diversity that Sandy included. It makes it much richer and gives it so much substance.  

A Wedding in Tuscany will take you on a gorgeous romantic adventure to the countryside of Tuscany. 

Thank you, Harper Collins UK and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.