Review by Veronica

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“Then, without warning, Ryan reached over and tentatively curled his warm fingers around Janie’s. She gasped silently in surprise, but it felt so right in the moment. She responded by lightly squeezing back. They continued to sit like that, still not speaking, until dusk shrouded them. Janie was afraid to move, afraid to break the spell.”

The Island of Summer Sunsets is a heartwarming and charming book. 

Lives are forever changed in this heartwarming beach read! A story of hope, family, and love among the dunes and salty spray, off the coast of South Carolina,The Island of Summer Sunsets is the perfect escape for fans of Kristy Woodson Harvey, Brenda Novak, and Nancy Thayer.

In the small southern village on Fripp Island, where the daily tide swells and minnow counts are the biggest news, Janie Brooks lives in a beach bungalow next door to her mother, and her life is moving along at about the same slow pace as the island—exactly the way she wants it.

After the death of Janie’s husband, unable to find her own way, she continues to follow her husband’s passion for island conservation and spends her days with the seagulls and swallow-tailed kites, in the serene bliss of the Atlantic coast. Until newcomer Ryan Kennedy and his teenage daughter move into the rental down the street, shaking up Janie’s well-ordered, simple life.

Ryan has enough to deal with, being a single dad and managing his daughter’s grief over the abandonment by her mother. All he wants is to move into a brand-new house in this quaint community and start fresh. But that might be easier said than done.

Will Janie and Ryan find their own version of paradise? Or will one get in the way of the other?

A summer escape that will whisk you away to an island getaway and have you wishing for a seaside retreat with your feet in the sand and the golden sunset at your back. 

I always get super excited when Jenny Hale from Harpeth Road Press reaches out to us with a book pitch. I have adored every book they pitched to us, and I am happy to report that The Island of Summer Sunsets is absolutely fabulous. This book will give you all those warm fuzzy feelings and is a great way to escape the world for an afternoon. The story has this lovely, easy flow to it. There is very little drama, and it is chock-full of those feel-good moments. 

The books that I have been reading lately all have had settings that are just unforgettable, and Fripp Island is no exception. Susan drew her readers into this enchanting and magical place with her lush and vivid descriptions. Everything just came to life while you were reading this book. I also loved all the details and research she did regarding bird and wildlife conservation. It was fascinating to read those parts of the book where Janie collected and saved local wildlife.

The characters are fun, honest, and just so endearing. Janie is an absolute sweetheart, and I really just loved her passion for the island. It was addictive and had me Googling to see what I could do to help protect some of these animals. It was also lovely watching as she started to come out of that protective grief shell and learn to live again. Ryan was fabulous! I loved how Susan had him as the primary parent for Sibley; it was heart-warming watching this father-daughter duo live together and navigate those tricky teen years. 

If you are a fan of Hallmark movies, you will love the romance in this book. It has that sweet, clean, slow burn feel to it. The focus between Janie and Ryan is more on getting to know each other emotionally and building that chemistry. There are plenty of sweet moments between these two, and sometimes my heart just needs to read something that makes it go, “aww, so cute!”. 

The Island of summer Sunsets will make your heart happy and have you believing in happily ever afters. 

Thank you Harpeth Road Press for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.