Review by Veronica

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“I place my eyes on the door, awaiting the entrance of this hottie from tech. I wonder what he looks like—I wonder what he would need to look like, for me to muster up the strength to be sexy. Henry Cavill is good with computer, isn’t he? Imagine if he’s moonlighting, taking time off from shooting The Witcher to tinker with the office tech—he could reboot my RAM any day.” 

The Meet Cute Method is a laugh-out-loud rom-com. 

Do movie romances ever happen in real life…?

Frankie doesn’t believe in true love. As relationships expert at popular magazine Stylife, she has learnt that dating disasters are far more common than happy ever afters.

So when she is tasked to find out if meet cutes can work in real life she is up for the challenge – but whether it’s being a damsel in distress with a flat tyre, or spilling coffee over a stranger, she isn’t convinced this can really lead to love.

But little does Frankie know that the ultimate meet cute opportunity is just around the corner. As she is whisked off her feet (all in the name of her work project of course…) perhaps true love isn’t just for the movies after all…?

Oh, this book is a hoot!! I stumbled upon this book on NetGalley and knew right from the title that I needed to get my virtual hands on it. I just LOVE meet cutes in rom-com books. So when I found out there is a book that centers around different meet cutes, it was like I had died and went to romance heaven. Frankie is such a real down-to-earth character, and I adored everything about her. I really loved the fact that she is not perfect, she doesn’t have that perfect figure, and things go terribly wrong when she interacts with the opposite sex.

This book’s main premise is about Frankie, who is tasked with trying out different “meet cutes” with strangers to write an article for the magazine she works for. If you are a fan of rom-com and/or romance movies, you will love all the movie references scattered throughout this book. It had me thinking about my favourite rom-com, and I decided it was 50 First Days or anything with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in it. Those two are just so fabulous together. Not only are there movie references, but there are discussions about different types of meet cutes and which one  is the best. I can’t decide what my favourite is. Whenever Frankie would try and re-enact one of them, things usually would go horrible (and hilariously) wrong. I was rolling on the floor, laughing at some of the situations she would find herself in. Frankie’s work-life really has a “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” vibe to it.

While Frankie is busy trying to have a successful meet cute with perfect strangers, she fails to realize that she is having those moments with Max, a tech writer who works in her office building. The romance between Max and Frankie has lots of those romancey cliches, and things progress between these two in a slightly unbelievable manner. But that approach to their relationship fits really well with the whole structure of the story. The cliches just worked so well and were what made this book so much fun.

The Meet Cute Method is tons of fun and will have you laughing and swooning.

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