Review by Veronica

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Series Name: The Riverside Lane, #4

But just as he began to spin around, his crutch caught on the door frame and he stumbled into Molly. She held out her arms to steady him and they somehow ended up extremely close to each other. So close that she could feel his breath on her face. 

He looked down at her for a second before straightening up. Thank you,’ he said. ‘Sorry. I’m a liability with this thing.’

‘It’s fine,’ she told him, trying to control her pulse which had begun to thump in her throat. ‘I’m just grateful we both didn’t end up on the floor.’

‘Yeah,’ he said, giving her a piercing look.

The Village of Happy Ever Afters is a perfect English romance that will leave you just feeling so happy. 

Molly Hopkins has happily watched all of her friends’ dreams come true on Riverside Lane.

Deciding to follow her passion for baking, Molly with the help of her friends takes the plunge and opens a Tea Garden in the village hoping to make it a summer to remember!

Meanwhile, after a rather public end of his marriage, Logan Armstrong trusts no one but his beloved Grandad. He just wants his brief stay in Cranbridge to be as quiet as possible. But his Grandad has other ideas; he dreams of seeing the old watermill working again which might just mean Logan has to ask the village for help.

Can Molly finally overcome her lack of confidence and believe in her abilities to make the tea garden a success?

Will Logan discover that Molly might just be the one to mend his broken heart? And will both of them realise that life is for living and loving?

Over a long hot summer in Cranbridge, perhaps everyone’s dreams of a happy-ever-after can finally come true.

The Village of Happy Ever Afters is the fourth book in The Riverside Lane series. I have to admit, I might have done a very big happy dance when I found out we got to be on the book blog tour for this book. I adore Allison’s books, and I was looking forward to returning to Riverside Lane’s world. This book can be read as a standalone, but I would highly recommend reading the previous three books. They are fabulous, and you will not be disappointed.

It’s finally time for Molly’s story, woot! Molly is the last one in her group of friends to find love and figure out what she wants to do with her life. Molly is sweet, kind, and loves to bake. Her story was just so lovely. Molly doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence at the beginning of this book. Her ex-boyfriend really did a number on her and left her doubting her own abilities. Molly also has the bad habit of never saying “no” to anyone, which means she volunteers for things she doesn’t want to. After lots of self-doubting and encouragement from family, friends, and Logan, Molly decides to open up her own little Tea Garden.

Molly’s character really comes to life when baking and learning how to run her own business. I am a sucker for books where the main heroine opens up her own business (especially one that involves food). For me, that transformation not only of the space that the business is in physically, but also the character’s transformation as they try to launch their business is just so amazing to watch as a reader. My heart soars when they finally achieve that success that they worked for. Molly’s journey into becoming a business owner has many ups and downs, but with a lot of hard work and lots of support from the community and Logan, her gorgeous neighbour, she can make her dreams come true.

Being able to go back to the little community of Cranbridge was just so wonderful. It is becoming one of my favourite places to visit. A wonderful cast of secondary characters adds so much fun and happiness to this book and series. The great thing about this book is that you fall in love with everyone, and you find yourself becoming so invested in this community. I enjoyed all those fun side stories that were in this book. I think my favourite was Dodgey Del’s adventure in making his own beer. It was just so freaking funny! I love Del, he is such an oddball, and all the scenes with him and that hop plant had me cackling. It was so amusing watching him take care of that hop plant and how excited he was to make his own beer.

Molly and Logan have this sweet budding romance. They start out as neighbours, which quickly becomes a friendship, which blooms into romance. There are plenty of sweet and swoony moments between these two. Their love story just left me feeling so darn happy. It’s a clean romance, so if you are looking to read something that has that Hallmark romance vibe, I would highly recommend reading this book.

The Village of Happy Ever Afters is a feel-good romance that will put a big smile on your face.

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.