Review by Veronica

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“A long, slow whistle caught her ear, sending her reaching for her towel to cover her last year’s pink bikini that tied at her hips and behind her neck. She twisted around to find Colton Harris walking toward her—no shoes, no shirt, wide smiled. She rolled her eyes to stifle the flutter in her stomach that she got whenever he was around. She twisted toward him, taking in the smooth gait of his walk, the olive bare chest, and the square of his jaw, a pang hitting her right in the gut.”

Butterfly Sisters is an uplifting story of family, love, and finding yourself. 

About to land her biggest deal yet, Leigh Henderson is on her game. She’s prepared for this, and nothing can get in her way. Except Rebecca Mayer, who’d sashayed in a few weeks ago with a former client list that would fill the entire hallway to Leigh’s office if she laid it out end to end. When her boss unexpectedly offers the deal to Rebecca and tells Leigh he’s letting her go, Leigh finds herself without a job.

But that’s the least of her worries. 

Her mother has some news that will change everything. She’s asked Leigh and her sister Meredith to meet her at the family cabin on Old Hickory Lake. Not only has Leigh been unable to pin her sister down in years, but going back to the cabin would mean dealing with the loss of her beloved grandmother and also chance running into her old flame Colton Harris, the one love she’s never been able to completely let go of.

Will confronting her grief, speaking to her estranged sister, and being forced to face the love she’d left behind help Leigh to learn who she really is? 

Jenny Hale has this talent for writing beautiful books that are just heartwarming and charming. For me, reading her books is like coming home; I just get this sense of comfort and happiness, and I never want to leave. I loved Butterfly Sisters; it was just everything I needed in a book right now. When I finished reading it, I felt so happy and content.

I enjoyed the family dynamic in this book. The Henderson family just seemed so real and relatable. They aren’t perfect; Leigh and Meredith don’t have a great relationship. These two rarely see eye to eye and never truly understand each other. It was wonderful watching as these two adults learn to stop and take the time to listen to each other and open their hearts up to that sisterly love. Jenny always gets me tearing up with the granddaughter and grandmother (or Nan) relationship she creates in her books. Leigh’s relationship with her Nan is just so heartfelt and tender. I loved how Jenny blended flashbacks, letters, and mysterious appearances of butterflies to show Leigh and the rest of her family’s strong bond with Nan.

The setting that Jenny painted for her readers was lush and vibrant. It is the middle of winter here, so reading a book that takes place just outside of Nashville in the spring was absolutely fantastic. I felt like I could feel that warm spring breeze on my face and could dip my toes in that clear lake water.

The relationship between Leigh and Colton is sweet and refreshing, just like a cold glass of southern sweet iced tea. I couldn’t get enough of these two. I loved the friends to lovers, second-chance approach to their relationship. There were lots of fun and heartfelt moments between them, and I ate them up like piece key lime pie. Their chemistry was just leaping from the pages and felt so real. I have to admit, I ADORED Colton, and every time he did something sweet for Leigh, I got those butterflies in my stomach. That man has now become one of my favourite book boyfriends.

Butterfly Sisters is a delightful romance that will fill your heart with happiness and so much love.

Thank you, Harpeth Road Press, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.